The BSA’s fishing program continues to grow. Counselors can find information below to help Scouts achieve the Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management merit badges. There are also resources for Cub Scout leaders that assist in planning a fishing outing.

Complete Angler Recognition

The Complete Angler recognition was established by the BSA’s National Fishing Task Force to honor well-rounded youth anglers. Scouts who have earned the Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management merit badges can earn the award. 

Certified Angling Instructor Program

Learn more about the BSA’s Certified Angling Instructor Program, which trains leaders to execute fishing programs at the local council level. After completing the training make sure to update your training record with PAS Code: CS61

Hornaday Award Overview Video – 

Scout William O’Brochta, a Silver Hornaday Award recipient, has put together a video on the William T. Hornaday Award. Two of his projects involve fishery management. 

Merit Badge Counselor Guides

BSA Beginner’s Fly Tying Handbook

Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge

Fishing merit badge

Fly-Fishing merit badge

Merit Badge Presentations



Cub Scout Fishing Modules

Module 1: Organizing an Outing

Module 2: Den and Pack Opportunities

Module 3: Where to Get Help

Module 4: Day Camp Fishing

Module 5: Selecting Proper Equipment

Module 6: Cub Scout Angler Education

Module 7: Fish Games

Take Me Fishing’s Passport to Fishing & Boating Program Materials Available

Take Me Fishing™ has six hands-on stations to help teach youth the skills, techniques and information that novices need to begin boating and fishing in their communities through the Passport to Fishing & Boating program.  Each station focuses on a key participation aspect and includes strong conservation messaging.  Straightforward, effective, inexpensive and FUN, the Passport Program is designed to be:

1.    Administered by expert or lay volunteers

2.    Adjustable to highlight geography, activities and species unique to a particular area

3.    Appealing to varying age and interest groups

4.    Appropriate for mixed skill and education levels

5.    Adaptable to diverse settings, whether landlocked or a the water’s edge

6.    Accessible throughout the year

Learn more and request the materials here

Places to Go Boating and Fishing

The Places to Boat and Fish Map from Take Me Fishing™ can help you find places to boat and fish in your state, and what you might catch when you get there. This map and will help your unit and members know how and where to obtain licenses in your state if needed, and what amenities surround your selected body of water.

This feature has been provided through the Boy Scouts of America’s partnership with the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation.  To learn more about how you can add this free resource to your site please email Rachel Auslander