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Uniform Guide

Venturing has no "official" uniform that all members must wear; in keeping with the flexibility of the Venturing program, uniforms are approved by each individual crew. A crew may choose to design or purchase a Venturing t-shirt, polo, or any number of options. However, the recommended uniform for Venturers and adult advisors is the BSA-supplied green[…]

Cub Scout Uniform

Lion - Kindergarten The Lion Cub Scout uniform has the following parts: 1. Shirt—The official Lion t-shirt.   2. Belt—Official navy-blue web belt with metal buckle. 4. Cap—Official navy-blue  Lion cap.  5. Neckerchief—Optional Lion neckerchief.  The Lion den decides if they will wear the neckerchief. 6. Neckerchief slide—Optional Lion neckerchief slide. Official uniform pants, shorts, or skorts,[…]

Cub Scout Program

representing different religions, youth may earn the Religious Emblem of their faith. The recruiter patch is awarded to Cub Scouts who bring other youth into Scouting. Youth Uniforms The uniform is one of the methods of delivering a the Scouting program.  In addition to creating a sense of belonging, the uniform gives a Scout the[…]

2014: The Year in Review

the new program. 2. famed designer and fashion titan, oscar de la renta passed away in 2014. among his finest accomplishments was the design of the scout uniforms, which may have surprised many of you, especially those new to scouting in the last few years. but for roughly three decades, millions of scouts and scouters wore[…]