Nova Awards FAQ

Q: Where do you find the requirements for the Nova Awards?
  A: Basic requirements can be found at, complete requirements can be found in the Nova Awards guidebooks available from your local Scout Shop or
Q: Can Lions and Tiger Cubs work on the Nova Awards program?
  A: No, it begins with the Wolf den.  
Q: Can youth get credit for a previously earned merit badge, belt loop, or pin?
  A: Yes, but we do encourage Scouts to consider earning new ones so they can explore new interests.
Q: Can youth earn a Nova award more than once?
  A: Yes.  If a scout completes the requirements a second time, doing completely different activities, they may earn a second pi pin for the same Nova.
Q: Who is eligible to serve as a Nova Awards counselor?
  A: A Nova Awards counselor must be age 21 or older and be registered under the Nova Awards counselor position code 58. This is a non-unit position and requires no fee. Online training is now available at
Q: Can a Nova Awards counselor or Supernova mentor be the Scout’s parent?
  A: For Nova counseling, yes, but the parent needs to follow the guidelines for becoming a registered counselor found here .  For Supernova mentoring, the parent must be a council-approved Supernova mentor, and can only mentor their own Cub Scout in a group setting if there are no other mentors in the council.
Q: Whom do I contact to find a council-approved Supernova Awards mentor?
  A: Contact your local council for a list of mentors.
Q: Who can be a Supernova Awards mentor?
  A: A Supernova Awards mentor must be age 21 or older, be a subject matter expert in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) field, and be registered under the Supernova Awards mentor position code 52.   Online training is now available at
Q: What does a Supernova mentor have to complete to be registered?
  A: Yes, for someone to become a Supernova mentor they must complete a BSA Adult application, the SuperNova mentor application found at, and provide proof of having taken BSA Youth Protection Training.
Q: If I am already registered under another position, do I need to fill out another application to be a Supernova Awards mentor?
  A: Yes, you are required to be registered in this position and you will be dual-registered.
Q: To whom do I send my Supernova Awards Mentor Information application?
  A: Send your application to your local council service center.
Q: Once a youth has fulfilled the requirements for the Nova Award, what is the next step?
  A: Fill out an advancement form, Supply catalog # 34403 available at with the proper signatures, or use internet advancement to record this and submit a copy to your local council.
Q: What does a Scout receive when a Nova award is completed?
  A: When a Scout completes their first Nova award they should be presented the Nova Emblem for their program level.  For each Nova award earned after the first they should be presented a Pi pin to wear on their emblem.
Q: Once a Scout has completed the requirements for a Supernova award what is the next step?
  A: You must obtain all necessary signatures, applicant (Scout), mentor, unit leader, Council or District Advancement Chair, and Scout Executive.  You can find the SuperNova mentor application here:
Q: Once I have all the signatures what is the next step?
  A: Once all signatures have been obtained the council will return the application to the unit.  The unit then completes an advancement form, Supply catalog # 34403, or enters the data into the internet advancement system, prints a copy of the report, and takes it to the Scout Shop to purchase the presentation items.
Q: Are there PAS codes for the Nova Awards program?
  A: Yes. Typically for council use only, they are as follows:

1030 Nova Cub Scouts: Science Everywhere
1031 Nova Cub Scouts: Tech Talk
1032 Nova Cub Scouts: Swing!
1033 Nova Cub Scouts: 1-2-3-Go!

1049    Nova Cub Scouts: Down and Dirty     
1050    Nova Cub Scouts: Nova Wild                    
1051    Nova Cub Scouts: Out of this World  
1028    Nova Cub Scouts: Uncovering the Past
1029    Nova Cub Scouts: Fearful Symmetry

1034 Nova Boy Scouts: Shoot!
1035 Nova Boy Scouts: Start Your Engines
1036 Nova Boy Scouts: Whoosh!
1037 Nova Boy Scouts: Designed to Crunch
1058 Nova Boy Scouts:  Let It Grow!

1038 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Launch!
1039 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Power Up
1040 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Hang On!
1041 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Numbers Don’t Lie


1042 Supernova Cub Scouts: Dr. Alvarez
1043 Supernova Webelos: Dr. Townes
1044 Supernova Boy Scouts: Dr. Harris-Br
1045 Supernova Boy Scouts: Edison-Silver
1046 Supernova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Dr. Ride-Bronz
1047 Supernova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Wright Bro-Sil

Q: What are the Adventure Base Novas (previously High Adventure)?

These Nova awards can only earned through the STEM Nova program at each Adventure Base.  If interested, search for “STEM” on the web site of the Adventure Base you are interested in attending.  
1052 Nova Boy Scouts: Philmont Nova 
1056 Nova Boy Scouts: Summit Nova
1057 Nova Boy Scouts: Jamboree Nova 

1055 Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Philmont Nova
1056  Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Summit Nova
1057  Nova Venturers and Sea Scouts: Jamboree Nova
Q: Where can I obtain the “presentation items” (emblems, pins, and medals)?
  A: These items are available at your local Scout shop with an Advancement Report (34403) or a copy of the printed report from internet advancement. You can also order online at, and follow up by submitting an Advancement Report to your local council.
Q: Will any more Nova modules be released?
  A: Yes.  More Nova awards are being developed for all three program levels.
Q: My scout only wears the Supernova medal to special events. Is there a recognition item that can be worn every day?

There is now a bar pin that can be worn above the left pocket on the field uniform for scouts who have earned a Supernova Award.
Cub Scouts who have earned the Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Supernova Award or the the Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award, Boy Scouts who have earned the the Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award, or Venturers who have earned the Dr. Sally Ride Supernova Award may wear the bronze bar pin (SKU # 643290 – Bar Supernova Awd Bronze).
The silver bar pin (SKU # 643054 – Bar Supernova Awd Silver) is for Boy Scouts who have earned the Thomas Edison Supernova Award or Venturers who have earned the Wright Brothers Supernova Award.
Bronze and silver Supernova Award pins can be purchased at or by calling 800-323-0736.
The gold bar pin is reserved for scouts who have earned the Dr. Albert Einstein Supernova Award. The gold pin is the only one that may be worn by adult Scouters who earned the award as a youth. Please contact the National STEM Nova Committee to purchase the gold bar pin.
Please note that only one bar pin can be worn at a time. If you have earned multiple Supernova Awards, only the highest award earned should be worn.


If I have additional questions or a comment or suggestion, whom do I contact?

  A: You may send an email to