Family ScoutingThis resource is designed to serve as the single point of information on the latest resources and updates about family Scouting.

New Scout Leader Start-Up ProcessThis document is designed as a simple checklist for the new Scoutmaster, who may be unfamiliar with Scouts BSA. 

Welcome to Our Troop!—This is a one-page, customizable document to be used at a parent orientation.

Troop Resource SurveyThis document can be used to identify the skills and interests of parents so that they can take a more active role in helping Scouts.

Merit Badges—Parents with an interest in becoming merit badge counselors can find the requirements for each badge.

Orientation for New Scouts BSA ParentsThis resource provides you with brief presentations to draw new Scout parents into the troop experience.

New Troops Planning page at– Includes resources to assist the new troop in planning their first month’s meetings and programs. Visit

Welcome New Scoutmaster—The resources listed above, in a PDF document.—Useful information and practical ideas to help make it easier for youth and adult troop leaders to present Scout meetings that are fun with positive outcomes. Visit

ProgramResources.orgTroop Program Resources is designed to serve as a planning tool for troop leaders. Its aim is to provide resources that contribute to making parts of the troop meeting more meaningful, engaging, and fun. Visit