Religious Emblems Awards Program


To encourage youth members to work on the religious emblem pertaining to the denomination of their choice.

Who Can Earn This Award?

Youth members earn awards; recognitions are available for adult members for some denominations.

How To Get the Award

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Supply Item Description & Uniform Placement

Silver knot on purple background, for wear above left uniform pocket, purple border for youth and adults who earned a religious emblem while a youth member; devices available to denote the program for which the awards was earned (see below); purple knot on silver background, for adults, worn above left uniform pocket; adults may wear both knots if they have satisfied the criteria.

Supply/BIN Item Number

Cub Scout device, No.926; Webelos device, No. 932; Boy Scout device, No. 927; Venturing device, No. 930; medals available from denomination or P.R.A.Y.; knots and devices may be purchased in Scout shops; youth knot, No. 5007; adult knot, No. 5014

Religious Emblems Programs
Duty to God