Radio Merit Badge Resources

This page provides links and downloads for conducting Radio merit badge classes in conjunction with your Jamboree-on-the-Air efforts, or at any other time. It also provides links to amateur radio license course materials, should you elect to conduct license exam preparation classes as well.

K2BSA 2013 Jamboree Radio Merit Badge Workshop

The K2BSA Amateur Radio Operation at the 2013 Jamboree at the Summit developed workshop materials that allowed for a four-hour workshop including 30 minutes on the air. You can find the slide deck and student workbook at Nearly 400 Scouts earned the Radio merit badge during the jamboree.

National Radio Scouting Committee

The National Radio Scouting Committee has provided the attached files for your use in conducting a Radio merit badge workshop in conjunction with Jamboree on the Air or other events. Both PDF and PPT files have been provided. Please feel free to modify as needed to fit your circumstances and teaching style.

Guide for Presenters: Intro, Lunch, and Closing Sessions PDF | PPT

Module 1 – Radio Basics PDF | PPT

Module 2 – Electronics, Safety & Careers PDF | PPT

Module 3 – Amateur Radio PDF | PPT

Video Resources PDF | PPT

National Scouting Museum Workshop Resources

The following items are used in the Radio merit badge workshops hosted by the National Scouting Museum in Irving, TX.

Radio Merit Badge Packet Link PDF

Radio Merit Badge Workbook Link PDF

Youth Amateur Radio Club of America

Radio merit badge videos at

Amateur Radio License Courseware

Vendors of amateur radio license prep courseware:
This is an excellent online training and test-taking preparation system. 
Ham radio school also provides guidance on implementing radio merit badge training along with a workbook and handouts for each requirement. More information can be found at
Gordon West has also provided Radio merit badge support materials. More information can be found at

No-Nonsense manuals by Don Romanchik, KB6NU at