Activity Books

The National Radio Scouting Committee has collected and developed activity items to be used prior to Scouts getting on the air for JOTA or to be used as activities to keep Scouts engaged while waiting in line for one or more radio moments.

The first activity item is called “Jamboree on the Air Thought Starters” and is a collection of thoughts and ideas around organizing and operating your event. Jamboree On the Air Thought Starters (download PDF)

The second activity item is the JOTA Activity Booklet. Provided by Alan Wentzell, KE4TIO, of Pack 415 in the Gulf Ridge Council, the booklet introduces a great deal of information and includes some games that Scouts will enjoy. JOTA Activity Booklet KE4TIO (download PDF)

Lastly, we recommend some excellent resources developed by ICOM America. The first is a series of comic books written for Scout-age youth to introduce amateur radio concepts. You can download all seven of the comics at ICOM also has band plans and maps available for download at