Sample Calendar

You can find a very thorough calendar at starting in January and running through October. The calendar below is also a good starting guide to prepare for Jamboree on the Air. 



Scout Leader

Radio Amateur


Identify one or more radio amateurs and work with them on station arrangements.

Consider offering a Radio merit badge course at the same time.

Coordinate with joint events such as a camporee.

Coordinate with the council international representative on other JOTA activities across the council.

Order patches for participants.

To get all of the latest JOTA information, register your email address at

Reach out to the local Scout council, district, or unit to offer your services for JOTA and the Radio merit badge.


Determine all the event information and submit it to the national JOTA organizer using the online registration system.

Finalize plans with your Scout leader.


Download the participant certificate and log from this website. Duplicate as many as needed.

Prepare supporting materials such as maps, information, etc.

Plan food and drink. Check with organizers of any joint events such as camporees.

Prepare and print QSL cards.

Coordinate closely with your radio amateur counterpart on all details for the event.

Participate in any lead-up activities with the Scouts, such as talking into a microphone with a recorder, building radio kits, etc.

Discuss physical arrangements for station location. Secure antennas and equipment. Arrange for food and drink requirements.

Check on insurance requirements.

Examine the online list of other JOTA stations that are nearby to coordinate scheduled contacts.


Final arrangements.

Get the Scouts out to the event.

Contact local news outlets with a news release. See the sample provided on this site.

Enjoy a great event.

File your final report with the national JOTA organizer. Photos and stories from your event are welcome.

Make sure all equipment is in place and operating.

Keep small groups of Scouts moving through activities and involved in on-air contacts.