Leader Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to follow to prepare for the event:

  • The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is making exciting, new changes for JOTI, so be sure to visit jotajoti.info to learn all about the latest news for JOTI.
  • Decide where you will participate in JOTI. You can set up a computer (or multiple computers) where your unit meets, your local council may have a conference room for you to use, or you can participate from your living room! Another good idea is to integrate events around JOTI to maximize attendance. For example, you can set up JOTI where a JOTA station will be or plan JOTI during a camporee.
  • Order participant patches for the number you expect to attend. Don’t forget the leaders!
  • Download the certificate and participation log. Be sure you print enough for everyone in attendance.
  • Before the start of the event, be sure to review the Internet Safety section of the Guide to Safe Scouting.
  • Another great way to prepare the Scouts for safe Internet use is incorporating the BSA’s new training tool, Cyber Chip. Check out www.scouting.org/cyberchip for more information.
  • WOSM will provide experienced volunteer Scouters who will be monitoring communications in order to help ensure a safe environment for all participants, but please do not rely on these operators. JOTI is a Scouting event, so be sure the Guide to Safe Scouting is being followed at your event and that the participants do not include communication of personal email addresses, home addresses, or telephone numbers. People who do not comply are asked to do so, or if necessary, are blocked from the channel.
  • File a report of your event’s activities using the format on this site under the “Event Report” tab. This report will assist us in submitting the BSA’s full report to the World Scout Bureau. 

Merit Badge Requirements Met by JOTI Participation

Participation in JOTI can help meet certain merit badge requirements! Below are some suggestions, but be sure to consult the merit badge counselors for final approval.

Citizenship in the World

7.c. Visit with a student or Scout from another country and discuss the typical values, holidays, ethnic foods, and traditions practiced or enjoyed there.
7.e. Participate in or attend an international event in your area, such as an ethnic festival, concert, or play.

Digital Technology

1. Show your counselor your current, up-to-date Cyber Chip.

2.b. Describe what kinds of computers or devices you imagine might be available when you are an adult.

6.c. Using a graphics program, create a flier for an upcoming troop event, incorporating text and some type of visual such as a photograph or an illustration.

6.d. Using a presentation software program, develop a report about a topic approved by your counselor. For your presentation, create at least five slides, with each one incorporating text and some type of visual such as a
photograph or an illustration.

6.e. Using a digital device, take a picture of a troop activity. Send or transfer this image to a device where it can be
shared with your counselor.