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International Travel and Events

With more than 170 member organizations within the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), there are many international Scouting events each year. They provide a great opportunity for our BSA members to connect with the world, to learn about other countries, people, and cultures through Scouting activities, and make new friendships as part of their Scouting adventure.

Navigating Your Next International Adventure June 13-19th 2021

Registration is open! Join us at the Philmont Training Center to find out what you can do with your Scouts to help them understand that they belong to a much larger Scouting movement? Where’s the next World Scout Jamboree? What is a Moot, what is JamCam, and how can my Scouts and I participate? Find out more here. 

International Campfire Talks


The International Campfire Talks series serves to connect members of the Boy Scouts of America to other National Scouting Organizations (NSOs) via our Facebook Page and YouTube. Listen and watch as we navigate the six different WOSM Regions. Check it out! 


While you are considering future International Scouting Travel, now is a great time to review one of the resources offered by the International Committee and Department: the International Letter of Introduction (ILI) and Event Verification Request. Let’s take a look at what it is and the process to request an ILI or event verification: check out this page to learn more about the ILI and a FAQ page. 

The International Letter of Introduction is recognized by Member Organizations as the standard form of introduction of a Scout or leader when travelling internationally. The letter’s sole purpose is to establish the identity of the bearer, and to entitle him or her to be welcomed as a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). It conveys no special privileges, including any entitlement to hospitality.

An ILI is a great resource to have if you are planning to travel internationally unrelated to Scouting, but have an interest in connecting with Scouts from other countries during your travels. Think of it as a way to say, “Hello, I’m a Scout!” You can download the ILI and Event Verification form by clicking here

Participating in International Scouting Events

There are 2 main ways that Scouts in the BSA can participate in Scouting events outside of the USA:

1. Join a BSA National Contingent to an upcoming World or
International Region Sponsored Event outside of the USA.

There are certain types of events that only allow participation through a nationally organized contingent. Luckily for Scouts and Scouters like you, the International Department has got you covered and organizes a contingent as way for Scouts from the BSA to participate. 

These events can range from World events like World Scout Jamborees or Moots (Jamborees for 18-25 year-olds) to slightly smaller events like Regional JamCams or Jamborees. If you are interested in attending any of the events listed below, you will need to register through the International Department in order to attend. For More info, Scroll down!

2. Attend an International Scouting event that does not have a
National Contingent with your Troop or Crew outside of the USA

There are many Scouting events going on around the world that do not require a nationally organized contingent in order to participate. These types of events range from a local jamboree/jamborette up to another country’s National Jamboree. In order to participate in events like these, please register through the event host. In many cases, BSA membership verification will be required by the host National Scout Organization (NSO). 

Units that are traveling internationally specifically to attend a Scouting event are asked to fill out an ILI & Event Verification Request (Option B) which can be found here

UPDATE: European Jamboree 2021 Canceled

After reviewing all available data, the JET has announced today that they regrettably have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the European Jamboree 2020+1. 

Please send any questions to

World Scout Moot 2022

July 18th to 28th, 2022 - Dublin/Malahide Castle, Ireland

Hosted by Scouts Ireland, The World Scout Moot is an international event for young people 18 – 25 years of age who are members of a National Scouting Organisation affiliated with WOSM or a WAGGGS affiliated organisation. The theme for this Moot is le chéile (leh kay-la) which translates to ‘together’.

Upcoming International Scouting Events with BSA Contingents

2021 National Jamboree Postponed

Join the International Team at the 2021 National Jamboree! Click Here to learn more. 

Looking for something awesome to do next summer? Well, get ready to Face the Challenge and join the International Team at BSA’s 2021 National Jamboree html icon. It’s a rewarding experience that you won’t regret. Read on, find out more, sign up today.

Additional Events with BSA Contingents (Tentative)

Additional Events without BSA Contingents

For more information about Scouting events happening around the world, check out the WOSM Events Page. 

*At the bottom of the page is a link to the International Events List, you can find information about camps and other Scouting events taking place around the world where Scouts from other countries are invited to attend.

Forms and Resources

2019 Update to the International Letter of Introduction

The International Letter of Introduction (ILI) Form and Process have been revised for 2019 to include Event Verification for Scout Groups traveling to International Scouting Events. This revision allows the BSA International Department to better meet the needs of both BSA members and WOSM National Scout Organizations. Be sure to check out the new form for complete instructions and explanation.

Click the image below to view/download the ILI & Event Verification Request form.


ILI Front Back


Travel Tips

See tips from an experienced Scout leader regarding international travel with Scouts covering some of the following topics:

  • Suggested age requirements
  • Scheduling itineraries
  • Financial considerations
  • Transportation considerations
  • Housing considerations

BSA Adventure Plan (TAP)

The Adventure Plan (TAP) is a tool to guide unit leaders—Cubs, Scouts and Venturers/SeaScouts— through all stages of Adventure planning. Click HERE to find out more!

Promo Materials for Upcoming BSA Contingent Events


Contingent General Flyer            JamCam Flyer            Eurojam Flyer  


Social Media                                                             

JamCam Social Card             Eurojam Social Card                           


Inviting Internationals to Your Council Camp

With the increased interest in hosting international Scouts and leaders at local council camps and High Adventure Bases, the International Department would like to provide some helpful recommendations to consider.

Inviting Internationals to camp (PDF)


Home Hosting

Currently, home hosting is not an official activity of the Boy Scouts of America.

Where to Find More Info

International Events

European Touring Opportunities

World Scouting Headquarters