World Scout Moot

July/August 2021

This is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), hosted and organized by Scouting Ireland, for young people from ages 18 through 25.

Make plans to join 5,000 participants and 1,000 IST (staff) from 80 countries around the world at the Moot.

Check out the official Moot website, which offers the most current information. The site will be updated as preparations continue.

What’s a Moot?

Imagine a high-adventure World Scout Jamboree for young adult Scouts, but on a smaller scale. Learn new cultures and make lasting friendships while participating in a variety of activities designed by the host country. The word moot is Old English and means “an assembly held for discussion.” That’s Moot—a once-in-a-lifetime World Scouting experience!

What can we expect from Ireland?

Opportunities to explore the country and explore your limits.  Expect to see beyond the tourist experience and get to grips with real Ireland.  Learn their journey to peace and reconciliation.  Discover the myths and legends of Ireland and challenge yourself in the outdoors.

The Boy Scouts of America will begin forming their contingent in early 2020.  To express your interest in this event or if you have additional questions email [email protected].