The BSA Contingent to
the 2022 World Scout Moot

Postponed Announcement

**We will be updating this website when new information becomes available.**

The 16th World Scout Moot was originally due to be held on July 19 – 29, 2021, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic and clashes with other world events, the planning team, WOSM, and Scouting Ireland have made the decision to postpone until summer 2022. This decision was made to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our attendees.

The exact dates have not been confirmed yet but the event will be held at a similar time in summer 2022.

For more information please visit the official site of the World Scout Moot:


Make summer 2022 the stuff
of legends and join the BSA Contingent to the Moot.

The BSA will be sending a National Contingent to the 2022 World Scout Moot hosted by Scouting Ireland. Explore this page to find out more about the moot and how to apply to be part of the contingent. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you definitely are not going to want to miss!  

About the Moot

The 2022 World Scout Moot is an official event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), hosted and organized by Scouting Ireland, for young people from ages 18 through 25. Make plans to join 5,000 participants and 1,000 IST (staff) from 80 countries around the world at the Moot. 

What is a "Moot"?

Imagine a high-adventure World Scout Jamboree for young adult Scouts, but on a smaller scale. Learn new cultures and make lasting friendships while participating in a variety of activities designed by the host country. One thing that sets a Moot apart from a Jamboree is that the first half of the program takes place on the trail at sights all around the county and the second half is where all the participants come together in a jamboree-style gathering! The word moot is Old English and means “an assembly held for discussion.” That’s Moot—a once-in-a-lifetime World Scouting experience!

What can we expect from Ireland?

Opportunities to explore the country and explore your limits.  Expect to see beyond the tourist experience and get to grips with real Ireland.  Learn their journey to peace and reconciliation.  Discover the myths and legends of Ireland and challenge yourself in the outdoors.

The 16th World Scout Moot will take place in Ireland. The exact dates have not been set. The entry point to the Moot will be Dublin City. International Patrols will then explore the many wonders of Ireland on a collection of exciting and interesting trails in local countryside. The Patrols will then return to Dublin for the base camp feature of the Moot before returning home.

Who can Participate?

All Participants and IST Members must be registered members of the BSA in good standing*  and meet the age requirements listed below: 

On the first day of the Moot (19th July 2021), participants must be at least 18 years old, and must be under 26 years of age. Therefore they must have been born between 20th July 1995 and 19th July 2003.  

International service team – IST 
IST must be at least 26 years of age on 19th July 2021, e.g. their date of birth must be 19th July 1995 or earlier. IST will be expected to be present at the Moot from the 17th July to the 31st July 2021. 

*BSA membership must be current at the time of application and participation in the Moot

When and Where is the World Scout Moot?

 The Moot will be held Monday July 19 – Thursday July 29, 2021* 

The Moot’s entry point (a Dublin City Centre location) and departure point (Malahide Castle) are both in Dublin. Malahide Castle is close to Dublin Airport, and approximately 15 km from Dublin city centre, where Dublin Port is located, from which there are numerous daily ferries to the UK.  

*IST will be expected to be present at the Moot from the 17th July to the 31st July 2021.

Participation Cost and Fees

Moot Participant

Ages 18-25 @ time of Moot
$ 1600 Base Fee
  • If paid in full by 3/31/21
  • $150 Deposit @ time of Registration
  • Approximately $120/month after deposit​
  • $75 fee if paid in full after 3/31/21

IST Member

Ages 26+ @ time of Moot
$ 1350 Base Fee
  • If paid in full by 3/31/21
  • $150 Deposit @ time of Registration​
  • Approximately $100/month after deposit
  • $75 fee if paid in full after 3/31/21

Want to save an extra $90? Those who paid-in-full by July 31, 2020 will receive a special early-bird discount.

What's included in the base fee?

The base fee for the BSA Contingent to the 2021 World Scout Moot includes all activities and meals during the World Scout Moot* and a contingent kit. 

BSA Contingent Kit

  • 5 BSA Contingent Neckers
  • 5 BSA Contingent patches
  • Personal first aid kit
  • International day giveaway items
  • Contingent “swag” (details TBA)

Optional Add-ons

  • Pre and Post Moot Overnights (including food + Airport shuttle)
  • Tent
  • Addt’l Neckers/patches/swag
  • Fees for Add-ons TBA

Participants and IST members will be responsible for all air travel and transportation related costs including baggage fees to and from the Moot. Port of Entry/Exit is Dublin International Airport (DUB). 

 Interest in optional add-ons will be collected during registration. Specific details pertaining to airport shuttle and optional overnights will be communicated when information becomes available. 


*For participants, base fee covers all meals and activities from official start to end, as determined by host
For IST, base fee includes food and accommodations during required additional days as determined by host

Ready to start your international adventure?

Registration for the BSA Contingent to the 2021 World Scout Moot is opening soon...get ready. Be sure to read all information on this page to find answers to your questions before applying. $150 Deposit due upon registration.


Coming soon!

Moot Program

The Theme:
Le Chéile

The theme for this Moot is Le Chéile (leh kay-la) which translates to ‘together’. There is an old saying in the Irish language; “ neart go cur le chéile” which means “There is no strength without unity”. The Moot will bring together thousands of Scouts from across the world, to share cultures, learn from each other and gain new skills. 

Program Overview

The Moot program consists of two key parts; Trails and Basecamp activities.  

During the Trails section, participants will in International Patrols of 10 participants and spread out in different locations around the country. Then all participants will come together in Malahide for the Base Camp Section.  

International Patrols will be formed some months before the event (after all bookings are received) and they will have time to get to know each other via social media. When they arrive at the Moot, they will gather together, Le Chéile, for the Moot.  

The programme will begin with an opening gathering in Dublin city Centre (location to be confirmed) on the Morning of the 19th of July 2021. From there, International patrols will spend six days on trails around the Irish countryside — exploring community, culture, adventure, and nature. Patrols will then return to basecamp in Dublin for four days of activity and programme 


The Patrol System

International Patrols

All participants will be divided into International Patrols, consisting of 10 people each. Members of a Patrol participate as a unit in programme activities during the Moot. The Patrols will be formed during the spring of 2021 and the patrol members will be encouraged to get acquainted prior to the Moot.

A Tribe is 4 international patrols travelling together (40 People) during the trails section.  The Tribe will live together during the Moot – both on the Trail programme and Basecamp programmes – forming friendships as well as sharing the responsibilities involved in camping, food preparation, and other tasks of daily living.  

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