Tools and Resources

Tools & Resources

There are a lot of different aspects of international Scouting. Don’t worry- we’re here to help! Along with your Council International Representative, this is a great place to start when it comes to find out all there is to know about International Scouting.

Council "Tool Box"

While your Council’s International Representative is your best option for getting help locally, here’s a list of resources to help you with some topics that are frequently asked about. 

International Adventure Newsletters

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International Resources

JOTA/JOTI Resources

Jamboree on the Air – Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is a fun and exciting annual experience for all young people in Scouting using the widest range of technology communication channels to educate, promote cultural awareness, develop tolerance, as well as enhance sharing, collaboration and teamwork, along with building a sense of belonging to the worldwide Scout Movement. It is a “travel-free” Jamboree that takes place wherever you are in the world. Connections between Scouts are made over amateur-radio links and internet.

European Scout Voluntary Program

Are you 18-30 years of age and interested in volunteering at a summer camp in Europe? Find out more about this great opportunity!

Other international events, such as encampments, jamborees, and jamborettes are held in various other countries each year. A list of international events is available from the World Organization of the Scout Movement ( ).

Donations & Grants Resources

Insignia, Awards and Recognition Resources

  • International Spirit Award 
    • The International Spirit Award is a temporary emblem that is awarded to registered Scouts and Scouters who have completed the requirements, have gained a greater knowledge of international Scouting, and have developed a greater appreciation and awareness of different cultures and countries.
  • International Scouter Award
    • The International Scouter’s Award encourages Scouters to broaden their involvement in Scouting through participation in world Scouting activities and recognizes Scouters for their contributions to world Scouting.
    • Earned and distributed at a local council level. 

Links for Even More info!

Be sure to check out the Travel and Events page for up-to-date info on how you can get ready for travel or get involved!

World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)

Navigate Your Next International Adventure

Join us on Wednesday, June 17th, at 7:30 p.m., U.S. Central Daylight Time, via Facebook Live, for a fun-filled, informative session that will whet your appetite to learn more about the wonderful world of International Scouting. More information here