Unit Program Planning Tools

Planning Your Program Budget

To develop the unit budget, complete the worksheet with the unit leader and committee at the annual program planning conference, and then share it with the parents. Be sure to keep parents involved and informed. The unit’s program calendar and budget information needs to be communicated regularly to families, especially at the start of the program year. By sharing the unit’s program plans and budgetary needs, you can help newly recruited youth and their parents gain a greater understanding of just what fun is waiting for them during the unit’s entire program year.

The worksheet can be downloaded in two formats:

  • A version in PDF Format to print and complete by hand
  • A version in Microsoft Excel that can be used electronically. (Note: This budget worksheet is “protected” without a password to prevent unintended changes being made to the automatically filled-in blanks. To learn how to change those protected blanks in your version of Microsoft Excel®, search for “protection” in the Excel help section. We recommend, that after you make the intended changes, you protect the worksheet to prevent unintended changes.)