ECSI and Boy Scouts of America Training Agreement

The Scout Oath instills in youth that, “On my honor I will do my best … to help other people at all times.” Emergency care is no exception.

The Emergency Care & Safety Institute is providing training materials to help Boy Scouts of America volunteers and staff members teach Scouts how to provide life-saving care in the event of an emergency.

ECSI offers engaging and effective training programs that meet BSA training requirements for CPR/AED, first aid, and wilderness first aid. It also offers free instructor reciprocity for those with adequate teaching experience. Instructor Development course materials are also available for those who would like to become a new first aid or CPR instructor.

ECSI Benefits

  • Ease of Administration: The national agreement between the BSA and ECSI gives each unit, district, or council the ability to act as a standalone ECSI Education Center. With this independence, BSA staff and volunteers can teach CPR/AED and first-aid courses as needed. The following ECSI CPR/AED and first aid training materials meet BSA training requirements:
  • Fees and Course Completion Cards: Joining ECSI is easy and involves no Education Center or instructor fees. As an ECSI Education Center, you have the freedom to manage your own courses and do not have to worry about having to pay recurring fees. The first 20 standard student manuals purchased come with a course completion card. For additional course completion cards, a field guide or pocket guide must be purchased. Before purchasing an online course, make sure there is an ECSI instructor available in your area to complete a skills check. Please note, an on-site skills check demonstrated to an instructor is required in order to earn a nationally-recognized course completion card from ECSI.
  • High-Quality Materials: Student manuals feature the latest medical content and are filled with tips and tools to ensure that Scouts of all levels are prepared to respond to an emergency situation.

Start Training Today

If you would like to sign up your unit, district, or council as a new ECSI Education Center, follow these three simple steps:

Once a new ECSI Education Center is approved, additional instructors may apply to teach for that Education Center.

To learn more about joining ECSI, requesting instructor reciprocity, ECSI Instructor Development courses, or instructor renewal processes, please visit


Please review our (FAQ) page.

For more information, please visit the BSA/ECSI website: