Training — Health & Safety

The Risk Zone: Transporting Scouts Safely 
Don’t get caught in the Risk Zone! Focus your attention on driving. This roundtable presentation will educate the participants on ways to prevent distractions and fatigue while driving. There is additional presentation material on SUVs and vans, traveling with trailers, and insurance information.

Driver Improvement Program 

This program is based on the concepts of defensive driving, recognizing hazards, and preventable collisions. Go to the BSA Learn Center,, under expanded learning. Once completed, a certificate will be generated and the participant’s training records updated.

USI has provided a short 15-Passenger Van slide deck for your use prior to your next trip using vans as transportation.    As a reminder: Pre-2005 15-passenger vans are not authorized for Scouting activities.

Wilderness First Aid
Learn about the new practices that go way beyond what Scouting leaders may already know as “first aid.” Wilderness First Aid training is here, helping you cope with medical emergencies in the wild and, perhaps more importantly, to be a more effective manager in any crisis.

American Red Cross and Boy Scouts of America Training Agreement
We are excited to announce a new memorandum of understanding has been completed between the American Red Cross and the Boy Scouts of America. In addition to traditional Authorized Provider agreements for training Scouts and Scouters, the new MOU has a provision for Full-Service Training.

Emergency Care & Safety Institute and Boy Scouts of America Training Agreement
Find out how you can help make it easier to learn CPR, AED use, and first aid. The Emergency Care & Safety Institute is providing training materials to help Boy Scouts of America volunteers and staff members teach Scouts how to provide life-saving care in the event of an emergency.

Camp Health Officer Training Long Term Camp (PowerPoint)
This PowerPoint presentation provides requisite information for camp health officers. 

Camp Health Officer Training Day and Short-Term Camp (new 1/2021