Behavior Around Campfires

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Campfires are a powerful part of the outdoor experience. They can be lively with laughter, storytelling, and fellowship. The campfire can also be a time of reflection, learning, and great peace. Safe behavior around a campfire ensures a good time can be had by all while mitigating the inherent danger of the fire. Here are some helpful reminders on behavior that can make your next campfire a positive and safe experience.



Handbooks for each program have useful tips for campfires.

Smart behaviors around a campfire

  • Fires are useful, but they can be dangerous. Always respect a fire by showing smart behaviors.
  • Stay outside of the campfire ring. Do not touch any part of the fire ring once the fire has been lit.
  • Don’t run, jump, or play around campfires. Understand that fires can cause injuries.
  • “Once it’s in, it stays in.” Don’t pull anything out of the campfire.

Maintain a safe campfire and campsite

  • Always consider the campfire’s surroundings. Ensure the campfire is the appropriate distance between the seating areas and tents.
  • Verify federal and local regulations regarding fire bans and policies.

Cooking or roasting over a campfire

  • Never swing, flick, or throw hot or burning food. If your food burns or catches fire, remain calm.
  • Maintain a safe distance while cooking. Use a skewer long enough to keep your body outside the fire ring or containment area.
  • Be careful with sharp skewers and keep the tip pointed in a safe direction. In the dark, others may not see the skewer. Prevent injury to others by being responsible. Maintain spacing with others around the fire.