Keeping Scouts engaged and challenged is the hallmark of a great Scout unit.

Several BSA web pages are devoted to specific Scout programs and resources, including:

1. Outdoor Programs by type

2. Cub Scout Specific Resources

3. Boy Scout Specific Resources

4. Venturing Specific Resources

5. Sea Scout Specific Resources

6.Exploring Specific Resources

STEM in Scouting is getting bigger and better.  Check here for resources

Here are a bunch of videos of games and activities for Scouts

Help your Scouts stay ScoutStrong

Nothing keeps Scouts coming back like the call of adventure at one of the National High Adventure Bases

Don’t forget that if you want to work with Scouts, you have to have Scouts.  Recruitment is a unit activity.


Here are some of the products units can use to save or raise money.

This incredible free tool is being developed by a volunteer to help unit leaders plan activities.  Please try The Adventure Plan (TAP)

SCOUTBOOK is a great product for Boy Scout units to track unit and individual activities and advancement.

Most local councils provide fund raising opportunities for units with most of the planning and preparation done for you.  Here are the rules you need to know about fundraising with your Scouts

Most items needed to run Scouting activities can be found at your local Scout Shop or at the ScoutStuff website


Providing Scouts and their leaders with program materials and ideas, training and some great events and facilities are the main services the BSA provides its members. 

You also have access to Scouting professionals in your local council to assist and answer questions.

One service we never want to fail to provide is Safety

Boys Life has a mobile app called Camp Scout for those looking for details about Boy Scout camps.

This website run by Scouters also lists all Boy Scout camps and more

A unit’s annual support of Friends of Scouting is needed and appreciated.