Journey to Excellence

What is Scouting’s Journey to Excellence?

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence is a planning, performance, and recognition program for councils, districts, packs, troops, crews, ships, and posts. Its goal is to align unit, district, and council performance to maximize results in key performance areas that are directly related to producing a successful, growing, and sustainable Scouting program (such as membership retention, financial strength, camping, and advancement).

The standards are based on the Kaplan and Norton balanced scorecard, which was selected by the Harvard Business Review as one of the “most important management practices of the past 75 years.” Many leaders in both for- and not-for-profit industries have adopted the balanced scorecard approach with award-winning results. Performance is measured on an overall basis, as well as in individual and key performance indicators in the areas of finance, membership, program, leadership, and customer service. 

What is its purpose?

  • Provides the template for planning an effective program.
  • Encourage and reward success in districts, councils, and units.
  • Measure performance versus process.
  • Achieve Scouting’s mission of serving more youth with a higher-quality program.

Tri-level recognition program

  • Bronze – Effective
  • Silver – Excellent
  • Gold – Exceptional