Local Council Financial Audits

The annual audit is one of the most important duties of the Council Board and its Finance Committee.  The audit assures proper accounting and adherence to National and local guidelines.  It also assures that the baseline for financial measurement in the current year is correct.

Audit—Audit Committee Guidebook
Audit—Audit Committee Matrix—Slides and teaching notes
Audit—Audit Referral Programupdated January 4, 2018
Audit—Local Council Guide to the 2019 Auditupdated January 2, 2020
Audit—2019 Audit Guide Excerpt – Sample Notes to 2019 Financial Statements 
Audit—2019 Audit Self-Review Guideformerly Local Council Audit Toolkit
Local Council FASB 2018 Audit and Tax Update Power-Point
Local Council Guide to the 2019 IRS Form 990—Posted May 2020 

Audit—Local Council Guide to the 2018 Audit – call Member Care for previous version