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Information and guidance for council, district, and unit level shooting sports programs  keeping within BSA standards.

The BSA Shooting Sports Manual

NOTE: Due to the many new programs in Shooting Sports and new Manual is being developed for release in 2017!

Here is some corrected and supplemental information to follow until a new Shooting Sports Manual is produced. 
Shooting Sports Manual Supplement 

Scouting Pistol Safety and Marksmanship Program Manual Click here 

Cowboy Action Shooting Program Manual Click here 

Chalk Ball Program Manual   Click here 

Multi-Gun Airsoft Experience Operations Guide Click here 

Competitive Shooting Sports Teams Guidelines Click here 

Guidelines and equipment to run a Sporting Arrows  program

For complete information regarding BSA Shooting Sports go here

Shooting Sports Merit Badge requirements



Rifle Shooting

Shotgun Shooting

The New Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Manual

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Award Requirements 

Cub Scout Shooting Sports Tracking Sheet 



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Printer ready targets for your Cub Scout BB gun range


Most camps have or plan to have shooting sports venues.  Here are approved Design Guidelines of safe range layouts

Here are plans for building a Cowboy Action Range Pavilion

Design guidelines for various size archery ranges, target butts and backstops

Plans for a BB Gun Range using canvas backstop

Design guidelines for rifle and muzzle-loading range 

Design guidelines for a shotgun range including trap and skeet

Design guidelines for the newly approved Sporting Arrows program

Free Money Alert!!!!!!! Once again, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is giving $100,000 to councils to improve their shooting sports programs.  Click here for details and an application.