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Skilled, challenging programs like Cope and Climbing require clear standards and procedures that must be strictly followed.

For complete information and resources for your camp Cope and Climbing programs see the Cope and Climbing website 

The latest BSA manual covering Cope and Climbing is called Belay On

All unit level climbing activities are governed by Climb on Safely

All Cope and Climbing activities require a signed Activity Consent Form 

Merit Badge requirements




There are no contracts or agreements for specific Cope and Climbing products, but discounts on outdoor equipment and materials are available by contacting:

Ashley West at Grainger

Andy Pacer at Lowes


Climbing walls and towers are very popular at Scout camps.  With the right tools, materials and people these facilities can be built at reduced cost.

NOTE: Improved designs and new regulations occur frequently. Contact Rob Kolb for the latest COPE and Climbing information.

Here are design guidelines for a Horizontal Climbing Wall

Here are design guidelines for a Climbing Tower

Your references for these and other Cope and Climbing facilities are Belay On and your NCAP Standards