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Advancement and Awards

that build retention through repeated use of skills. For example, a Scout plays games that feature the skills, teaches other Scouts, and perhaps practices the skills in "real-life" outdoor experiences. A well-rounded and strong unit program takes advantage of these kinds of opportunities, using them to improve retention through practical application. Personal Growth Is the[…]

Contents New Merit Badges Revising Merit Badges What to Do When Requirements Change Discontinued Merit Badges Earning Eagle-Required Merit Badges for Star or Life Rank Once It Is Earned, It's Earned Limited Recourse for Unearned Merit Badges Unofficial Worksheets and Learning Aids Merit Badge Opportunities With Non-Scouting[…]

Scouts BSA Program Updates

you need to know about pocketknife safety. (page 441) The 2019 Scouts BSA Requirements book is available for purchase at your local Scout shop. Requirements for BSA Lifeguard were omitted from this publication. Information regarding BSA Lifeguard, including requirements, may be found here. First Scouts BSA Office Hours Available Now Updated May 10, 2019 The[…]