Meeting Room

Periodically, once or twice a year, the unit meeting place should be inspected for health and safety hazards. The Meeting Place Inspection checklist is included in the appendix.

References: Troop Committee Guidebook, No. 34505,
and Cub Scout Leader Book, No. 33221

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles transporting passengers or carrying equipment should meet state inspection standards, if applicable, or use the vehicle checklist included in the appendix as a guide.

Unit Camping

Essentially, three occasions in unit camping require inspection: (1) after camp is set up, (2) after camp is taken down, and (3) periodically between. Your main interest in these inspections is to ensure a safe, livable camp and an unblemished site after you leave.

Reference: Troop Leader Guidebook, Volume 1, No. 33009


Upon request, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will conduct a Courtesy Marine Examination. The officer will analyze the vessel and advise you of any deficiencies within state or federal regulations.

References: Handbook for Skippers and
Safe Boating Instructor’s Guide