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New Cub Scout Program Resources (Updated May 2016)

NOTE: Documents on this resource page are continuing to be updated. Check back often.


Bobcat Pocket Certificate (single), No. 34267, SKU 621018
Bobcat Pocket Certificate (8-sheet), No. 34218, SKU 621019


Tiger Den Advancement Report, No. 220-102
Tiger Den Record, No. 220-111
Tiger Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-114
Tiger Handbook (perfect bound), No. 34713, SKU 620130
Tiger Handbook (coil bound), No. 32552, SKU 620131
Tiger Handbook (Spanish), No. 30507, SKU 620132
Tiger Den Leader Guide, No. 37002, SKU 620485
Tiger Den Leader Guide (Spanish), No. 37006, SKU 620486
Tiger Pocket Certificate (single), No. 34268, SKU 620806
Tiger Pocket Certificate (8-sheet), No. 34714, SKU 620807
Tiger Advancement Chart, No. 34715, SKU 620578


Wolf Den Advancement Report, No. 220-103
Wolf Den Record, No. 220-112
Wolf Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-115
Wolf Handbook (perfect bound), No. 33450, SKU 620133
Wolf Handbook (coil bound), No. 34752, SKU 620134
Wolf Handbook (Spanish), No. 30508, SKU 620135
Wolf Den Leader Guide, No. 37004, SKU 620487
Wolf Den Leader Guide (Spanish), No. 37008, SKU 620488
Wolf Pocket Certificate (single), No. 34269, SKU 621020
Wolf Pocket Certificate (8-sheet), No. 34220, SKU 621021
Wolf Advancement Chart, No. 34182, SKU 620579


Bear Den Advancement Report, No. 220-104
Bear Den Record, No. 220-113
Bear Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-116
Bear Handbook (perfect bound), No. 33451, SKU 620136
Bear Handbook (coil bound), No. 34753, SKU 620137
Bear Handbook (Spanish), No. 30509, SKU 620138
Bear Den Leader Guide, No. 37001, SKU 620489
Bear Den Leader Guide (Spanish), No. 37005, SKU 620490
Bear Pocket Certificate (single), No. 34270, SKU 621022
Bear Pocket Certificate (8-sheet), No. 34221, SKU 621023
Bear Advancement Chart, No. 34191, SKU 621006

Webelos/Arrow of Light

Webelos Den Advancement Report, No. 220-105
Webelos Den Record, No. 220-109
Webelos Individual Advancement Record, No. 220-117
Webelos Handbook (perfect bound), No. 33452, SKU 620139
Webelos Handbook (coil bound), No. 34754, SKU 620140
Webelos Handbook (Spanish), No. 30510, SKU 620141
Webelos Den Leader Guide, No. 37003, SKU 620491
Webelos Den Leader Guide (Spanish), No. 620492
Webelos Pocket Certificate (single), No. 34271, SKU 621024
Webelos Pocket Certificate (8-sheet), No. 34222, SKU 621025
Arrow of Light Pocket Certificate (single), No. 34273, SKU 621026
Arrow of Light Pocket Certificate (8-sheet), No. 34219, SKU 621027
Webelos Advancement Chart, No. 34187, SKU 620577

Additional Program Resources


Cub Scout Attendance and Dues, No. 220-106
Cub Scout Den Meeting Program, No. 220-107
Cub Scout Den Record, No. 220-108
Family Talent Survey, No. 220-110


BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation), No. 34162, SKU 620580
Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs, No. 33212, SKU 620581
Cub Scout Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Guidebook, No. 33721, SKU 33721
Cub Scout Leader Book, No. 33221, SKU 620569
Cub Scout Leader How-To Book, No. 33832, SKU 621165
Cub Scout Magic, No. 33210, SKU 33210
Cub Scout Songbook, No. 33222, SKU 33222
Den Chief Handbook, No. 33211, SKU 620805
Guide to Awards and Insignia, No. 33066, SKU 614937
Group Meeting Sparklers, No. 33122, SKU 33122
Guide to Safe Scouting, No. 34416, SKU 618622
Your Flag, No. 33188, SKU 33188


Tiger Scout, Wolf Scout, and Bear Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet, No. 34282, SKU 621003
Webelos Scout Uniform Inspection Checklist, No. 34635, SKU 620570
Cub Scouts Poster Set, No. 32068, SKU 621086
Cub Scout Adventure Pocket Certificate (single), No. 33005, SKU 621016
Cub Scout Adventure Pocket Certificate (8-sheet), No. 33006, SKU 621017
Cub Scout Pack Graduation Certificate, No. 33751, SKU 620973
Monthly Den Dues Envelope, No. 34209, SKU 620808
Outdoor Code Poster (big prints), No. 33689, SKU 33689
Pack Leader Appreciation Certificate, No. 33755, SKU 33755
Whittling Chip Certificate, No. 34223, SKU 34223
Whittling Chip Application, No. 512-028


Conservation Good Turn Award
Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award Application, No. 512-013
Cub Scout World Conservation Award Application, No. 512-036
Den Chief Service Award Certificate, No. 33726, SKU 33726
Duty to God Religious Awards 
Emergency Preparedness BSA Award, No. 680-602
Interpreter Strips, No. 512-019
Journey to Excellence
National Den Award, No. 511-814

National Summertime Pack Award Application, No. 512-049

Training Awards (Knots)

Unit Leader Award of Merit , No. 512-003
Webelos Den Chief Shoulder Cord, SKU 457
William T. Hornaday Awards

Program Aides

Health and Safety

Activity Consent Form, No. 680-673
Annual Health and Medical Record   
Age-Appropriate Guidelines
Meeting Place Inspection Checklist, No. 6140 

Leader Resources

Campfire Program Planner 
Climb On Safely, No. 430-099
Cub Scout Day Camp Administration Guide, No. 430-338 
Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines
Guide to Working With Scouts With Special Needs and disABILITIES, No. 510-071
Individual Campout Checklist for Pack Overnighter
Outdoor Events for New Cub Scouts
Pack Meeting Planning Sheet
Planning Your Annual Pack Budget
Pack Operating Budget Worksheet PDF | Excel
Pack Overnighter Site Approval Form
Resident Camping for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, and Parents, No. 13-33814
Cub Scout Parent Information Guide
Selecting Cub Scout Leadership
So You’re a New Cubmaster
So You’re a New Den Leader 
So You’re a New Pack Committee Member 
So You’re a New Tiger Cub Den Leader 
So You’re a New Webelos Den Leader
Unit Advancement Report
Unit Money-Earning Application, No. 34427 


Membership Recruiting and Leadership Selection

Cub Scout Parent Information Guide
Adult Registration Application: English No. 524501 and Spanish No. 524502 
Youth Member and Leadership Transfer Notice, No. 524-401 
Youth Application: English No. 524-406 and Spanish No. 524-423



Den and Pack Leader Resources

Membership Recruiting and Leadership Selection

New Cub Scout Program Resources (updated 9/2015)

Program Aides