The World Baden-Powell Fellowship and World Scout Foundation

The World Baden-Powell Fellowship, established on 25th April 1982 in Kolmaarden (Sweden), recognizes individuals for their contributions to the World Scout Foundation  to help support Scouting. Fellowship receptions are periodically held in different parts of the world to both inform members about Scouting and to welcome new members who are personally awarded a special insignia by His Majesty The King of Sweden.

The Fellowship provides a lifetime association with the Scout Movement and with business, government and Scouting leaders who share the same ideals. Joining and participating, especially when you have been a Scout – although this is not a requirement – offers the greatest reward in being involved in the development of young people around the world. And, in addition members meet other successful people who are just like you!

The BP Fellowship recognizes different levels of donation beginning at USD 10,000 for adults and USD 1,000 for young members.

There are now over 2,500 Fellows spread throughout 70 countries and territories around the world. More substantial donations entitle members to join the Honours Programme (see info box on the right/left) and those who make a financial commitment to Scouting in their Last Will and Testament are recognized in The Founder’s Heritage (see info box on the right/left).

If you know any aspiring young people, perhaps children or grandchildren, under the age of thirty, you can now offer them this opportunity also. You can sponsor a young person and allow them to become a Young BP Fellow. For more information please go to our dedicated Young BP Fellow page 

Click here to download the World Baden-Powell Fellowship Enrollment Form.