Valentine’s Day Messengers of Peace Project

Blog post submitted by Pamela Higgins Richardson.

 The Messengers of Peace program supports community service and encourages Scouts to share their actions with others to help build a global network of service. That is just what Sam Richardson set out to do.

 Many students in our community are unable to purchase or pass out a valentine to their class parties because they can’t afford any. Some students in low income areas are less fortunate. Sam wanted to make sure students didn’t feel left out or sad. The boxes were filled with 25-35 blank cards that the students could fill out with their classmate’s names. 

Sam’s SPL, Rafe Kotalik, helped by sending out a video to inspire the troop to support Sam’s project. With the amazing support of Troop 777, neighbors, teachers, family members, and friends, Sam collected over 150 boxes of Valentines Day cards for children not able to purchase them. Sam delivered the boxes to several schools in the Conroe Independent School District with the help of his fellow scouts. Such a small idea made such a big impact!!!

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