1,000,000 Pieces of Trash

Blog post by: John-Aaron Bozanic, Crew 774, Orange County Council

A Scout is clean! One Scout has a goal of picking up 1,000,000 pieces of trash

 What’s been done so far? – Updated July 6th, 2020


Pounds: 55,911

Participants: 2,132

Hours: 5,258

 As a nation, we are experiencing what I perceive to be the most widespread and debilitating event to impact our country during my lifetime… the COVID-19 pandemic, and associated quarantine in place recommendations. This virus has impacted all of us, just not here in the United States, but globally. Schools and non-essential businesses closed down and many councils are encouraging virtual meetings to promote fellowship and advancement.


In times of emergencies, Scouts have the training and knowledge to step in and help. Sometimes we help directly, by providing first aid and other care. Other times we support local services and communities with tasks like directing traffic or distributing water. This is a time when we should be helping.


Pollution and ecological health is a continuing challenge facing mankind. We have a unique opportunity to improve this. While large meetings are eschewed, while many people are idle because of school or business closures, we all have the ability to make a difference. Let’s get out and clean our neighborhoods, our parks, and our wilderness areas!


It has been shown time and again that stress levels can be reduced by providing individuals with a sense of purpose. Being outdoors has also been shown to help. Too many people are feeling despondent and shut in, staying in their homes, wondering what the future will bring. Let’s solve that NOW! We HAVE a purpose, and we CAN be outdoors!


To pick up 1,000,000 pieces of trash!



Scouts! Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturers, Explorers, and Sea Scouts! And, of course, any other youth or adults who would like to participate. 



To improve our environment by reducing trash and pollution. Upon
approval of your unit leader, this activity counts as conservation service hours for rank advancement. 



Anywhere! Local streets, local parks, school grounds, regional parks, national forests, national parks, BLM land, streams, lakes, beaches… even underwater trash can be collected! 





  1. Pick a place to help clean. Please stay out of areas (parks, beaches, trails, etc.) that have been closed by local authorities. Also stay away from health facilities, live-in care centers, homeless camps or other higher risk locations.
  2. Only families may participate, when it is safe to do so.
  3. Maintain minimum 6-foot separation between individuals while picking up trash, and at all other times.
  4. The CDC is recommending wearing a mask while in public places where contact with other people is likely.
  5. Bring trash bags.
  6. Wear gloves and close-toed shoes. Consider wearing two types of gloves: Nitrile for protection of direct contact transmission, and work-type for protection from injury. Type will depend on nature and location of trash. Do not touch face or uncovered body parts with the gloves. After trash collection properly remove and dispose of gloves.
  7. Throw trash away in a dumpster or other receptacle that is directly emptied by trash services in your area. Recycle any glass bottles and aluminum cans if possible. Be careful with bottles and cans. They may have most direct contact with an infected individual.
  8. Wash your hands well. At least 20 seconds with soap and water (recite the Scout Oath & Law to yourself), then use alcohol, bleach or BZK solution if available.
  9. Report results as outlined in the next section.


Record your involvement here

Results will be posted every Wednesday on the Crew 774 Instagram page oc.crew774 and the Western Region Area 4 Instagram page wra4venturing or on Facebook at Western Region Area 4 Venturing.

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