10 Things Den Leaders Should Know About New Cub Scouts Program

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If Spring is in the air and you’re thinking about transitioning to the new Cub Scouts program in just a couple months, then join the club!

If you haven’t yet, give a listen to this month’s episode of CubCast on the new Cub Scout adventures program coming June 1st. The CubCast hosts are joined by Scouter extraordinaire Ken King of St. Charles IL, who serves as a task force member on the Cub Adventure team, which conceived and designed the new Cub Scout materials.

In the episode, they discuss what Cub Masters and Den leaders should be doing to get ready. Here’s a hint: Roundtable attendance!


Some big takeaways Den leaders need to know

1. The new Cub Scouts program is more active for boys, and will make sure the boys are really connected with Scouting and with fun.

2. Immediate recognition is a hallmark of the new program, and will be easy to award and easy to wear.

3. The new Den Leader guides are incredibly detailed, and the activities are well mapped out etc.

4. Pack meeting plans will include more interaction between Dens. As an example, one Bear adventure gives Bears an opportunity to teach games to younger Scouts. And there will also be more recognition opportunities within the Pack meetings.

5. Transition: It’s easy. The new program curriculum is designed to pick up where the old one left off. So moving from a Wolf to a Bear for example is just a matter of stepping into the new program. No need to worry about redoing assignments, or catching up. Starting on June 1st, if you are a new Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or starting the Webelos, just use the new program materials.

6. Getting parents involved. Den leader materials have been developed in great detail. Everything is in one place, which makes it easy for parents (especially parents new to Scouting) to get involved.

7. Dealing with change: We want the boys to have a great Cub Scout experience, that’s what it’s all about. With this new program, there is more potential to connect with boys while using upgraded materials.


8. Strength through simplicity: Advancement is streamlined. Seven adventures produces a rank advancement. Leaders can now have something that puts everything all in one place. The new program materials are designed to be easy to use for leaders, and a lot of fun for the boys. Again, the Den Leader Guide is the ONE place for everything you need to offer a great Scouting program.

9. Availability: While hard copies are available at Scout Shops and at Scoutstuff.org, the BSA will also offer through Amazon.com digital copies of all the Den Leader guides.

10. Stay informed: Ken also said that as the new program continues to roll out, stay in the know by checking Scouting.org/programupdates frequently.

In the end, we know that boys deserve a program that is fun and full of adventure, and that’s exactly what Cub Scouts is. We look forward to seeing how these new adventures in Cub Scouting will continue to help young men be prepared. For life.

Listen to CubCast

And be sure to check in on Program Updates frequently, with all the latest information and resources on the new program.