Camp Card Resources

Camp Cards – A New Product Sale

Camp cards have been gaining momentum and popularity with councils across the country. Over the past few years this new type of fundraising product sale has been utilized by a number of councils to raise money to support units, outdoor programs and council operations.

The cards include discounts from various businesses represented in the local council territory and typically have one time use “break off” coupons along with multi-use offers.

The cards are most widely offered at the low price point of $5.00. Customers recoup their donation by using one of the two one-time coupons, and enjoy multiple food, service and entertainment discounts throughout the year.

Features of a camp card sale typically include the following: 
    • Risk free for the Scouting unit by returning unused cards to the council 
    • Unit earns 40 – 50% commission 
    • Grocery or other major retail discounts make the cards easy to sell 
    • Customers receive high value 
    • Sale is sponsored by the council which allows the Scouts to wear their uniform

The following are resources recently used by local councils conducting camp card sales including: 
    • National Camp Card Vendor List
    • Camp card samples
        2012 Camp Card Broward
        2012 Camp Card Monroe
        2012 Exploring Card
        2012 Mid-Iowa Camp Card
        Sample Camp Card-2011 Central Florida
        Sample Camp Card – Cape Fear 2011
        Sample Camp Card – Gulf Coast 2011
        Samples of Various Camp Cards
    • Proposals to businesses 
        Camp Card Request for Discounter
        Sample Camp Card Proposal for Retail Discounts
        Sample Camp Card Proposal for Supermarkets
        Sample Camp Card Presentation
    • Business agreements for discounts 
        2012 Camp Card Vendor Partner Agreement – Reusable
        2012 Camp Card Vendor Partner Agreement – Single Use
        2012 Vendor’s Agreement – Northeast Georgia
    • Leaders guides & tools
        2012 Camp Card Leaders Guide – South Florida
        2012 Camp Card Leader’s Guide – Monroe 
        Camp Card Guide – Evangeline
        Camp Card Guide & Sample – Central Georgia
        Camp Card Info – Northeast Georgia
        Camp Card Info – Mt. Prospect IL
        Camp Card Packet – Circle 10
        Camp Card Fill-it-Up Sheet – South Florida
    • Unit forms 
        2012 Camp Card Sign Up Form – Monroe
        2012 Camp Card Sign Up Form – South Florida
        2012 Exploring Card Sign Up Form – South Florida 
        Camp Card Unit Receipt – South Florida
        Camp Card Unit Receipt – 2011 – South Florida
        Camp Card Unit Tips – South Florida
        Camp Card Unit Tracking Sheet – Flint River
        Unit Tips for Success – South Florida
    • Youth prizes and more… 
        Camp Card Prizes – Central Florida