Fiscal (OLD)Management


Audit – Audit Committee Guidebook

Audit – BDO Seedman Audit Engagement

Audit – Local Council Guide to the 2010 Audit

Audit – Tool Kit for a BSA Compliant Audit

Council Office Procedures

Council Stewardship Policies

Executive Board Self-Assessment 35-073 this does not qualify for JTE.  To find the Board Assessment for JTE,

Fiduciary Responsibilities of the Executive Board

Fiscal Management Procedures for Stewardship

General Ledger Users Guide

Interpreting Financial Statements

IRR Calculator – this Excel worksheet will help you calculate your council’s Intravest Rate of Return.

Planned Budgeting

Record Product Sales

Stewardship Responsibilities of Local Councils

Time Study Forms

Unit Budget Plan – updated September 2010

Unit Fiscal Policies – revised May 2009


On March 18, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act . The new law contains tax incentives for employers to hire unemployed workers, including a payroll tax exemption for employers on their share (6.2 percent) of Social Security taxes on wages paid to qualifying employees.

The provisions of the HIRE Act would apply to summer camp staff, assuming they would otherwise qualify under the new rules.