Consider the possibility that an accident could occur involving your unit. Take proper steps in advance, not only to eliminate potential hazards, but to fully protect yourself and others responsible for the outing. An adequate emergency fund will cover minor emergencies. A review of the DVD, Scouting Safety Begins With Leadership, No. 19-201, will prepare you for the potential hazards faced during outdoor activities.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

This coverage responds to allegations of negligent actions by third parties and provides protection for Scouting units, volunteer Scouters, and chartering organizations with respect to claims for property damage or bodily injury arising out of a Scouting activity. Chartered organizations, participating organizations, and registered volunteers are provided primary coverage through the BSA general liability program, but not for automobile or maritime (boat) liability, which is only on an excess basis; the owner’s automobile or maritime (boat) liability is primary. Unregistered volunteers are provided excess general liability coverage. There is no coverage for those who commit intentional or criminal acts.

Automobile Liability Insurance

The greatest single risk on a trip is a motor vehicle accident. All vehicles must be covered by a liability insurance policy. The amount of this policy must meet or exceed the insurance requirements of the state in which the vehicle is licensed.

All vehicles used in travel outside the United States must carry liability and property damage insurance that complies with or exceeds the requirements of that country.

A council tour plan or a council short-term camping permit is required when units travel overnight or outside their district. Contact the council for more specific guidelines setting forth when a tour plan is required.

Accident and Sickness Coverage

(Optional coverage for council or units)

Accident and sickness insurance (also known as accident and health insurance) coverage for Scouts and Scouters furnishes medical reimbursement in case of death, accident, or sickness within the policy amounts. Information regarding unit accident coverage is available through the local council.

Who is covered?

  • All registered youth and seasonal staff are eligible.
  • Registered leaders and volunteer leaders.