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Spring 2021
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In this issue:

  • Facilitator Development Series
  • Learning Library is Up and Running!
  • NYLT Syllabus Updates
  • Crew Officer Orientation Flash Conversion
  • Virtual Trainer’s EDGE (VEDGE)
  • Umbrella Movie License for National Training Courses and Councils
  • National Camp Accreditation Program and National Training Programs

Upcoming Events & Training:

  • National Volunteer Training Conference
  • Leadership Challenge
  • NYLT Leadership Academy 2021


As part of the Building Evidence in Scouting Together (BEST) study, researchers from Montclair State University and the American Institutes for Research spent 2019 and 2020 surveying 2,500 troops from across the U.S., talking to Scouts and Scouters by telephone, and observing adult leader training courses like Wood Badge. Money for the research came from a generous $5.7 million grant from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation. The study team observed that often times, the training material was good, and trainers were enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject, however many trainers displayed poor facilitation skills which impacted the overall quality of the training.

As a result of the BEST study, Scouting U chose to develop a series of short videos discussing and demonstrating good facilitation skills. Two ex- pert facilitators, John Gunyon, Glaciers Edge Council and John Lesko, Nation- al Capitol Area council, were recruited to write the scripts for the videos. Four Scouting trainers, Leslie Miller, Greater Tampa Bay Council, Todd Christian, National Capitol Area Council, Orvelle Franklin Jr., Grand Canyon Council and Cherie Cayemberg, Pikes Peak Council served as the team on-screen facilitators.

The entire team wrote and produced eight short videos covering different aspects of facilitation, which include Engaging Everyone, Managing Difficult Conversations, Facilitation beyond Training, Patrol Leadership Connections, Summarizing your Presentations and others. In October, the team met at the National Office in Irving, TX and following local pandemic guidelines, worked with the BSA Media Team to film all eight videos. The edited and finished videos have been uploaded into an on-line video library available to all scouts and scouters via the Training Quicklinks on The videos are intended to help trainers, adult and youth, become better facilitators! You may watch all of them or just the ones on the facilitation topics you feel will help you become a better trainer.

Check out the videos at https://

And if you happen to know any of these Scouting volunteers, I urge you to thank them for their dedication to the BSA and willingness to give their time to this project. It was just one more hour per week!


The new Learning Library page on is up and running! You can access it by going to adult/learning-library/ or selecting the page from the left menu on the training pages.

Below is a screen shot showing both the left menu link and the Learning Library page. The videos are accessed through Vimeo and through the Vimeo Player. You can also select to play the videos in full screen mode. Please note that this is a streaming player and should reduce any buffer- ing from traditional playback methods.


Progress continues on the NYLT syllabus update. Our task force has recently completed the development of a new administration section and a review of all course activities. We are currently working on a review of the existing appendix.

The good news is that we were able to successfully hold a national pilot course on two week- ends during February. This course was held at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania and sponsored by the Hawk Mountain Council. We received a lot of great feedback from both the youth and adult staff members while on site and through our observations. Additional feedback is being generated now that will allow us to review and make necessary updates prior to the first regional pilot in April.

There will also be 8 regional pilot courses held between April and August. Several key con- tact meetings have already taken place and the pilot course materials were provided. The following councils are hosting a regional pilot course:

  • Narragansett Council (NER)
  • Connecticut Yankee Council (NER)
  • Greater Louis Area Council (CR)
  • Glacier’s Edge Council (CR)
  • Great Southwest Council (WR)
  • Western Los Angeles County Council (WR)
  • North Florida Council (SR)
  • Atlanta Area Council (SR)

Our task force will continue to gather feedback from the pilot courses and make appropriate updates to the content sessions and activities. We are soliciting feedback from youth staff and participants as well as adult staff members.

At the current time, we are planning to re- lease the updated course materials at the CDC’s scheduled in the fall. More than likely, all course elements will be disseminated to course directors via Google Drive as it is now and similar to the new Wood Badge course.

Lastly, our team will be working to update the CDC syllabus and make it available this sum- mer. We have learned a lot in the development of the “virtual” CDC and believe there is a lot which can be applied when face-to-face sessions return.


Tom Giugni. Chair, Scouting U Leadership Development Sub Committee,

David Ehrlich. NYLT Task Force Lead

Kathy Craig, Volunteer Development Specialist, Scouting U



Crew Officers Orientation is back up and running with a conversion from flash. This version will allow Crews to offer the same training to Crew Officers while Scouting U works on a full revision of the course.

This course is designed for Venturing youth that hold elected officer positions within their Crew. It can also be used by adult leaders to review the duties of these officers. This training helps youth officers to better understand their roles and responsibilities, helps them to develop an annual plan of activities, as well as acquiring leadership and team-building skills.

To access the course:

  • You need to have a scouting account. To create an account, go to my.scouting and sign up using your current membership number.
  • From the scouting page, click on the BSA Learn Center on the right side of the page.
  • Once in the BSA Learn Center, select “catalog” and do a search for Crew Officers Orientation – the course will pull up in the Click the course in the listing.
  • From the course screen, click the “Enroll” button, which will then turn to “Start”. Click the “Start” button to run the course.
  • When complete, the course completion will be recorded in scouting.
  • Return to scouting to print a certificate from within the completions list of my training.


The Virtual Trainer’s EDGE (V-EDGE) program was created in the Spring of 2020 when the pandemic hit, and it has successfully continued to today. With more and more Councils hosting in-person Wood Badge and NYLT courses, it’s time to get back to in-person EDGE.

The team conducted courses for 75 councils and with a few courses already scheduled, they will have trained over 1,000 volunteers. This is how you keep Scouting going! We want to thank a few people for making this program work: John Gunyon, from the Central Region, who designed the course and George Wardle who has been our course and facilitator manager. We had volunteers from the NYLT Leadership Academy, both youth and adults, step up and facilitate all of these courses. There were 52 facilitators from 19 states. Everyone’s participation has been appreciated but special thanks to Ryanne Fisher, Laurie Cowan, Nicholas Hall, Caroline Griffin, Cheyenne Scott, Wayne Dukes, Will Ellsworth, Deborah Huff, Dan Willis, Danielle Ballantine and Cameron Brown for assisting so often.

For a copy of the in-person Trainers EDGE syllabus click on the link below


The “umbrella” movie license eliminates the liability exposure for the Local Council and the National Service Center concerning the presentation of movies or movie clips in connection with Wood Badge, NYLT or other Council facilities and events.

Every Wood Badge and NYLT course is required to pay for and obtain a copy of the National Umbrella License by visiting this link and paying the appropriate fees.

Fees for 2021 are:     
Wood Badge – $200 per course     
NYLT – $100 per course

If your council does not conduct Wood Badge or NYLT, you may still obtain a license by visiting the above link and selecting and paying for the Wood Badge option. This will provide you the ability to show movies at camp or other council events in accordance with the license agreement.

Once a council has paid for their license through one of these methods, they may then use the movie license for other events. The license is valid from November 1, 2020 until October 31, 2021.


  • How do I know if a particular movie is covered under the license? Once you pay for the appropriate event you will receive a copy of the license and instructions on how to check your movie title choices. Wood Badge and NYLT movie clips, that are written into the syllabi, are already cleared.
  • What is a “Public Performance”? How many times have you seen the FBI warning at the beginning of a DVD or VHS movie? Next time you pop a DVD into the player, read it It states that the movie is for “Home Use Only.” Home Use means just that, viewing of a movie at home by family or a close circle of friends.
  • What the Law says. Under the Copyright Revision Act of 1976 all non-private exhibitors of registered copyrighted videos or DVD’s must obtain a Public Performance License. “Willful” infringement for commercial or financial gain is a federal crime carrying a maximum sentence of up to five years in jail and/or a $250,000 fine.
  • If I don’t charge admission, do I still need a license? Copyright laws apply whether or not admission is charged.
  • I own the movie. Do I still need a license to show it outside of my home? Neither the rental, purchase, or lending of a video or DVD carries with it the right to exhibit movies out side the home.
  • What if we are a Non-profit organization, church, or government agency? Do we still need a license? Copyright laws apply to all viewings of movies that take place outside of the privacy of a home, regardless of the organization holding the event.
  • Who manages the Movie License process for the National Office? Scouting U is responsible for the movie license process. Contact Kathy Craig at with your questions.


As of January 1, 2021 Wood Badge, NYLT and National Youth Leadership Academy will fall under the category of “Short Term Camping” camping/short-term-camp/ and must follow and adhere to, the short-term camp standards set forth in the National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP). It will be the prime responsibility of the professional staff advisor, along with the course director, to understand, and comply with the appropriate standards for your course.




Future of BSA Training Planning April 8-10, 2021 — Las Vegas, Nevada

Volunteer Training conferences have been held for the past seven years and they keep getting more and more productive and fun each year! The conferences usually include a look back to where we have been as well as sessions to get feedback from the field to help assess where we need to go in the future. Last year we incorporated virtual sessions and added up to 100 online Scouters in addition to the 32 that were able to attend in person!

We would like to invite you to join us in April for some similar activities, but also to help us to truly plan the future of training in the BSA. We are inviting regional training chairs, area training chairs, sub-committee members, council training chairs, and subject-matter experts to join us.

A number of critical training topics will be discussed including:

  • COVID Response including Hybrid products * Updates to training products
  • Upgrades to the LMS * Wood Badge & NYLT updates
  • Scouting Tools * Webinars/livestreams/VILT
  • Training for District/Council Trainers * Outdoor Skills

Once again, the conference will be held at the Las Vegas Area Council BSA office, 7220 Para- dise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119. Click the link below to register.


For your convenience, below is a list of a few non-casino hotels near the BSA office. Of course, the Strip is not far away, and there are many more choices there.

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Las Vegas Airport

7250 Pollock Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89119 (~ .3 miles) 702.948.4000

We have a block of rooms available at $89.00/night if people are interested:

Link to Block of Double Tree Rooms

Hampton Inn & Suites Las Vegas Airport

6575 S. Eastern Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89119 (~2.3 miles) 702.647.8000

Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas Strip South

7830 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89123 (~1.9 miles) 702.453.7830

The cost for the conference is $75.00 per person (conference fee only: covers meals [Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Saturday breakfast and lunch] and materials; (travel and housing are not included). Hotel and travel accommodations will be handled by each conference attendee. You should plan to be at the Las Vegas Area Council BSA office no later than 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 8th, and if flying, you should schedule your return flight for any time after the closing on Saturday April 10th late afternoon.

Items to bring include comfortable clothing (uniforms are not required), a good attitude, and lots of great ideas! We look forward to seeing you in April!


Leadership Challenge is the preeminent outdoor experiential Scouting leadership course for those who have completed Wood Badge. For 2021, Summit Leadership Challenge (SLC) will be held July 4-10 at The Summit, and Philmont Leadership Challenge (PLC) will be held September 12-18 at Philmont.

Both courses bring to life the potential of servant leadership through challenging and engaging activities that motivate you to follow a life of helping others succeed based on the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. Scouters from across the country will observe and participate in team building and problem-solving, while effectively managing challenging situations. Will you meet the chal- lenge?

To register for Summit Leadership Challenge:

To register for Philmont Leadership Challenge:

Flyers: Summit Leadership Challenge; Philmont Leadership Challenge; Summit Leadership Challenge & NAYLE at the Summit

Join SLC & PLC on Facebook!


Youth leaders are invited to attend National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

(NAYLE) at The Summit and Philmont in 2021! NAYLE builds upon skills learned during National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), with engaging activities that equip young women and men to navigate team dynamics to plan for success using tenets of servant leadership. For more than a decade, outstanding Scouts have participated in NAYLE, and these young leaders are now shaping the future of the Boy Scouts of America. Dates for Philmont: Session 1 – 6/20 – 26; Session 2 – 6/27 – 7/3; Session 3 – 7/4 – 10; Session 4 – 7/11 – 17; Session 5 – 7/18 – 24 and Session 6 – 7/25—31. Dates for the Summit—Session 1 – 6/20 – 26 and Session 2 – 7/4 – 10.

To register for NAYLE at The Summit (2 courses available):

To register for NAYLE at Philmont (6 courses available):

Flyers: NAYLE at Philmont; NAYLE at the Summit: NAYLE and SLC at the Summit

Join NAYLE on Facebook!


The NYLT Leadership Academy is open for Scouts and Venturers who have completed NYLT and want to learn much more in-depth leadership development including teaching leadership skills to others. We are delighted to announce that beginning this year graduates of the Leadership Academy will be eligible to receive one college credit from the West Virginia University. This is the first ever BSA youth leadership course that has sufficient academic rigor to earn high school stu- dents college credit. Be prepared for the leadership opportunities in your life – attend the Leadership Academy!

It is the ideal course for NYLT staff and any NYLT graduate who instructs at summer camp and in any other way. Many councils require their senior NYLT youth staff to attend Leadership Academy as preparation for these key leadership roles. The Leadership Academy will hold two courses in 2021. One at Summit Bechtel Reserve from July 11 to 17, 2021. The fee for this course will be $550. The other course will be at the Beaumont Scout Reservation St. Louis, MO from June 27 to July 3, 2021 with a fee of $500. Further details about this will be posted on the Leadership Academy website Registration will be open early March on our website.

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