Present the School Rally


Using this survey during a school rally has shown that 30 to 60 percent of non-Scouts will consider joining a troop.

Troop Open House

Download the survey


  1. The Boy Scouts of America recommends that recruitment efforts be concentrated on fifth- and sixth-graders in early spring, as they approach Scout age. Several resources can be used to spark their interest, including introducing youth to Scouting with an interactive presentation.

  2. Cooperation of schools is essential to gain access to Scout-age youth. Contact school administration to schedule presentation time during school with small groups of students.

  3. Plan the presentation to highlight Scouting’s activities, high adventure, and outdoor experiences. Display hands-on visuals such as backpacks, canoes, and tents, and allow the youth to check them out up close. Dress in outdoor wear to complete the setting. Allowing some experienced Scouts to assist in the presentation could help the youth visualize themselves as Scouts. The presentation should be no more than five minutes.

  4. Following the introductory presentation, give each youth a survey like the one presented above. Ask them to check the high-adventure experiences that interest them. Explain that Scout troops do the kinds of activities listed on the survey.

  5. While the youth are working on their surveys, announce that you would like to invite them to join a Scout troop. Explain that they will receive an invitation to join a Scout troop in their community if they mark that they are interested in joining. Collect every survey, and check to ensure that each is complete with the youth’s full name and contact information.

  6. If the school cannot allow assemblies with youth, suggest the alternative plan of having the school distribute the High-Adventure Survey. Be sure to pick up the completed surveys soon after their distribution.