Host the Troop Open House


  1. The troop open house can be conducted as a district-wide event for a number of troops, or an individual troop can conduct one independently. The important idea to remember is that Scouting is showcased and each guest is made to feel welcome.
  2. Involve all troop members in the open house from the planning stage. Remind each Scout of the importance of building their troop; be receptive to their ideas. Begin making plans for the open house as early as possible, following these suggestions:
  3. Prior to the night of the open house, involve the troop in sprucing up the meeting place. Treat the task as a “spring cleaning” since the troop will be welcoming guests.
  4. Prepare a display of troop activities, photos, and awards that the troop has earned.
  5. Assign greeters to be at the door to welcome guests as they arrive. Be sure to have adequate seating.
  6. Have a printed agenda and a copy of the troop’s calendar at each seat.
  7. Make assignments for each part on the agenda well in advance. The senior patrol leader should be the emcee of the meeting.
  8. Prepare refreshments for your guests if you desire.
  9. The troop open house should follow an agenda, such as the one in this brochure, to help guests gather a broad range of Scouting information. The youth is introduced to basic Scouting skills while an adult troop leader informs the parents about Scouting’s values and its positive effect on youth.
  10. During the open house, Scouts and Scouters should do everything possible to make their guests feel comfortable and to answer each question as it arises. Be sure parents know they may ask questions at any time. The guests should be allowed to participate whenever possible.
  11. At some point, the Scoutmaster should explain that both the youth and his parents may join the troop. Have applications available for both Scouts and adults.

Sample Troop Open House Agenda


Assign To:




— Conduct a simple action game for early arrivals.



— Hold the flag ceremony.


— Welcome the guests.



Activity Time

A. Scout skill demonstration like one of the following


— Scouts quickly and skillfully join four Scout staves together with six round lashings.
— Scouts quickly and skillfully put up a self standing flagpole
— Scouts quickly and skillfully put up a dining fly, using Scouts seated in chairs to substitute for tent stakes.

B. Parent orientation


— Explain the ideals and values of Scouting.
— Introduce the troop leadership and its organization.
— Distribute the troop calendar.
— Explain the summer camp opportunity.
— Thoroughly explain the costs of troop membership.


Joining Process


— Youth and parents complete applications to join Scouting.

— Announce information about the next troop meeting.



— Scoutmaster’s Minute


— Closing ceremony



Refreshments (optional)