Unit Commissioner Responsibilities

The Unit Commissioner

The unit commissioner is the connecting link in the chain between the troop and the pack. Often, the same unit commissioner will serve both a pack and troop in the same community

3a) Be a catalyst in developing good relationships between troop and pack leaders.

3b) Promote communication by scheduling a meeting of key volunteers.

3c) Help plan a Webelos den visit to a troop meeting and other joint activities.

3d) Keep the pack and troop on schedule as plans develop for the crossover ceremony at the blue and gold banquet.

3e) Attend the crossover ceremony.

3f) Be sure new Scouts have completed a Scouts BSA application, that they have a copy of the troop’s activities, and that they know when and where the troop meets.

3g) Work with the pack and troop in their charter renewal process to help ensure Webelos Scouts are moved from pack rosters to troop rosters.

3h) Work with the Webelos transition chair to follow up on youth who have not yet joined a troop. Make sure they are invited to join a troop.

3i) Be sure Webelos Scouts join a troop in time to prepare for Scout summer camp.