International Spirit Award as a Woodbadge Diversity Ticket Item

Five Scouts and Scouters in the Arbuckle Area Council were recently awarded their International Spirit Award. For Harry Miller District Chairman Barbara Wilson (left picture) and Troop 4 Scoutmaster John Paul Townsend (right) earning the award was a part of their Woodbadge work. Troop 4 scouts Harrison Townsend (second from left) and Kaegan Dunn (second from right) also earned the award. They are pictured with council international representative Pat Fountain (left). Scout Jonathon Black (not pictured) also earned the award.

As Harry Miller District Chairman Barbara Wilson and Troop 4 Scoutmaster John-Paul Townsend went through Woodbadge they both wanted to do ticket items that were attainable and useful. Both had a desire to help scouts better understand the world in which they live and to understand that scouting was a worldwide organization. With the help of Arbuckle Area Council International Representative Pat Fountain, both incorporated the international sprit award into their diversity ticket item.  

Townsend’s ticket item was to earn the international spirit award and help at least two scouts earn the award. Throughout the spring and fall of 2021 Troop 4 members learned about scouting in different countries and different regions of the World Organization of the Scout Movement from those working on the award. Townsend explained the process of obtaining a passport to the scouts and helped them conduct a world friendship fund drive and visit with scouts in other countries via the internet.

Wilson used the award to inform a large troop’s scouts and parents about a number of topics at a Court of Honor/Parent’s meeting. She was the “program” at the meeting and used a PowerPoint presentation to inform the group about the organization of WOSM and scouting in some different countries of the world.  At the meeting she talked about the world friendship fund and took up a collection for the fund. She helped her grandson’s den (led by her son) get on the internet and visit with scouts in several countries.

Both Townsend and Wilson agreed the award helped them achieve their goals. Both were happy they used the award to help themselves and others understand the diversity of scouting and that it is more than a local organization.