International Committee Directory

The International Committee is enumerated as a Special Committee of the Boy Scouts of America, established to ensure that the BSA is well represented abroad and that our Scouts at home can benefit from the wonderful events and initiatives happening around the world.


The BSA International Committee is chaired and led by the BSA’s International Commissioner, Lou Paulson, with Bray Barnes serving as his deputy. International Scouting is part of the BSA’s Outdoor Adventures program, along with the four High Adventure Bases, Outdoor Program & Properties Department, the 2021 National Jamboree and the Order of the Arrow.

The Committee relies on three International Vice Chairs: Phil Krajec (Promotion to Scouts), and Brad Valdyke (Tools to Councils), Phillip Zabriskie (Supporting World Scouting) and John Dozier (Administration). 


To contact a member of Staff or the International Commissioner please email If you would like assistance with a particular program, please see the pillar chart and contact form below to reach the correct Vice-Chair.  


Finally, a full list of International Committee Advisors, Members, Ambassadors, and Staff can also be found on this page. These individuals are the only individuals approved and vetted by the BSA’s International Commissioner to represent the BSA abroad.



BSA Charter and Bylaws

The International Committee is a special committee authorized to represent the Corporation in connection with the World Scouting Organization and to support other international initiatives authorized by the Executive Committee. The International Commissioner shall serve as the chair and appoint members of the International Committee. (Article 3, Section 8, Clause 19)

Mission of the International Committee & Department

To promote youth membership growth in the Boy Scouts of America by providing opportunities for Scouts to become active citizens of the world by empowering and equipping local council international activities through effective adult volunteers who support World Scouting.


International Committee Leadership

Lou Paulson – International Commissioner & Committee Chair

Bray Barnes – Deputy International Commissioner 


Phil Krajec – Vice-Chair, Promotion to Scouts



Brad Valdyke –  Vice-Chair, Tools to Councils 

Phillip Zabriskie – Vice-Chair, Supporting World Scouting


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John Dozier – Vice-Chair, Administration 


Full Committee Directory

The following individuals are appointed to the BSA’s International Committee or serve as International Ambassadors.

Thomas D. Allen
Del Bishop
David L. Briscoe
William F. Cronk
Charles W. Dahlquist, II
John R. Donnell
Clark W. Fetridge
Harold C. Friend, M.D.
Peter Hyman
Andrew Jost
James T. Morris
Eleanor S. Morrison
Stephen W. Owen
John F. Pyfer, Jr.
Gregory D. Sawyer
Dr. Bruce R. Trefz
James S. Wilson, D.M.
James S. Turley
Bray Barnes Vice-Chair, Promotions to Scouts
Neal Clayburn 2021 National Jamboree
Dr. William Finerty Float
Jennifer Hancock Older Youth
Reece Kilbey Communications 
Lou Paulson Vice-Chair & Regional Foundation
Meghan Pierson Events
Scott Sorrels Float
William Wallace Events 
Allen D. Brown
C. Bari Saunders
Brad Valdyke Vice-Chair
Armando Aguirre Regional Committee
Ajey Chandra Regional Committee
Edward Andrew Chapman World Committee
Joshua Dick KISC & Regional Foundation
Jack D. Furst USFIS
Marshall E. Hollis Gilwell
Wayne M. Perry USFIS
Gus Sanchez Regional Committee Mentor
Dave Sears  Pillar Deputy 
Robert Sinclair World Scout Foundation 
Willy Xiao WOSM External Representative
Phillip Zabriskie Vice-Chair

What is an International Ambassador? They are key International volunteers who are not a member of the Committee. The ambassador program, newly refreshed, recognizes those individuals who have been appointed by the International Committee to assist in the work and mission of the Committee & Department. 

C J (Pete) Armstrong Jr Supporting World Scouting
Mark Beese Tools to Councils – Pillar Deputy
Dottie Brown Tools to Councils
Amy Burdick Supporting World Scouting
Todd Christian Promotion to Scouts
Karla Christian Tools to Councils
Bill Daggett Tools to Councils
Joey Dierdorf Promotion to Scouts
Charles    Echard Promotion to Scouts
Eugene Foley Supporting World Scouting
Pat Fountain Tools to Councils
Seth Griffith Promotion to Scouts
Phil Krajec Messengers of Peace Chair
Matthew Mann Tools to Councils
Savi McMillan Promotion to Scouts
Jack Otto Promotion to Scouts
Dave Shelburne Promotion to Scouts
Josh Squirrell Promotion to Scouts
Brigitte Therivel Supporting World Scouting/ Executive Assistant  
Pratik Vaidya Promotion to Scouts
Christa Waterwiese Promotion to Scouts – Pillar Deputy
Robbie Dzierzanowski Promotion to Scouts



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