The BSA Medical Plan provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses and prescriptions.


The BSA Dental Assistance Plan provides assistance with covered dental expenses.


The BSA Vision Care Plan provides an annual eye exam and includes coverage for glasses or contact lenses.


The BSA offers a matching 403(b) plan to support your financial future.

Short-Term Disability Plan

The BSA Short-Term Disability Plan provides a portion of your income while you are disabled.

Long-Term Disability Plan

The BSA Long-Term Disability Plan provides 60 percent of your regular monthly income (less other income received) when you become disabled and unable to work.

Group Life Insurance

The BSA Group Life Insurance Plan offers Basic Life equal to annual salary and two levels of Dependent Life Insurance for eligible dependents.

Group Accident Insurance

The BSA Group Accident Insurance Plan provides a benefit when a loss is sustained as a result of accidental death or bodily injury, on or off the job.

Paid Time Off

The BSA offers a generous PTO policy and several holiday observances.