Scouts participate in a wide variety of activities.

Troop Meeting Activities
During troop meetings, Scouts engage in Scout Skill Challenges, Team Building Opportunities, and Patrol and Troopwide Games.

Program Features Activities
There are 48 themed program features in the following categories: Outdoor, Sports, Health and Safety, Citizenship and Personal Development, STEM, and Arts and Hobbies, each with their own set of corresponding activities.

Boy Scout Camps
Boy Scout Summer Camps provide a variety of activities related to the advancement program, as well as a wide range of special outdoor opportunities and inter-troop fun.

Philmont Scout Ranch
Often referred to as Scouting’s premier high adventure base, Philmont is where Scouts can experience a life-changing, backpacking trek through some of nature’s most beautiful mountain scenery, along with a host of activities associated with an array of backcountry, staffed camps.

Florida Sea Base
Coral reef sailing, offshore fishing, underwater exploration, Sea Base offers a variety of specialized tropical adventures.

Northern Tier High Adventure Programs
Northern Tier offers summertime wilderness canoeing expeditions in Northern Minnesota and Canada, and the BSA’s premier winter camping program.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve
The Summit is the home of the national jamboree. It’s also the site of the Paul R. Christen National High Adventure Base offering BMX, skateboarding, mountain biking, zip lines, canopy tours, challenge courses, climbing, shooting sports and more. Additionally, the Summit is the home of the James C. Justice National Scout Camp providing programs focused on advancement and Scouting traditions.