BSA National Marketing Awards

Honoring BSA Benchmarks and Best Practices

The Boy Scouts of America National Marketing Awards Program is designed to recognize outstanding efforts by councils in marketing, communicating, implementing and promoting the Scouting program. Through the awards, the BSA will gather and share best practices and other successful marketing ideas to enhance the success of other councils.


Entries may be submitted in the following categories (only one category per item). Each entry must be submitted individually. The categories are: 

  1. Membership – campaigns that are focused on generating new members, retaining current members or engaging the community (including volunteerism)
  2. Fundraising/Development  – efforts to increase, retain or steward donors and prospects
  3. Social Media/Digital – campaigns exclusively designed for the digital space (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for any type of promotion, communication, or engagement etc.
  4. Program Implementation – marketing/communication efforts related to program delivery, such as camp promotion, religious awards, etc.

Submissions must be made electronically. No physical entries will be accepted. 

Submission window: October 1, 2021 – February 15, 2022 


Judging will be conducted by a panel of experienced marketing and communications volunteers. The criteria and scoring will be based on a 25 point scale and allocated as follows:

  1. Advanced Planning – 5 points Including research, need identification, timetable, goals, measurement strategies, etc.
  2. Execution – 5 points What were the resources required? Were changes to the plan required while executing the campaign? Were adaptations identified that would improve the implementation the next time or in another council?
  3. Impact – 5 points Did the project have the desired or projected impact? How significant was the end result? Did it achieve a significant impact? In what ways?
  4. Creativity/Replicability – 5 points Consideration will be given to pieces that are unique. The ability to scale the concept to adapt to differing council sizes is a plus.
  5. Look & Feel – 5 points Does the pieces or campaign effectively represent the Scouting brand or visually tell the Scouting story? Does the campaign or piece follow BSA’s brand standards?


Entries may be submitted between October 1, 2021 and February 15, 2022. Entries must have been in-market during some portion of the calendar year January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. While entries may include partially implemented programs, they will be judged on the above evaluation criteria. Award honorees will be notified by the National Annual Meeting in 2022.


Entries will be divided into council size levels and judged alongside similar councils as follows: 100 – 200 level councils; 300 – 400 level councils; and 500+ level councils. Honorees will be selected by council size level for each category. All submissions must meet the judges’ minimum professionalism standards before being eligible for an award. If no submission reaches those standards, the judges have the option to not select a winner. At their discretion, the Judges may also award one or more Honorable Mentions in each category. Awards will be presented at the BSA National Annual Meeting. Winners will be provided with an appropriate digital award (e.g. digital seal; page frame) for their web/digital platform use. Certificates will also be sent electronically.