Silver Buffalo Award Winners 1969-1960


John M. Budd
St. Paul, Minnesota
Executive; Champion of Youth; Dedicated Scouter

Arleigh Burke
Washington, D.C.
Military Leader; Patriot; Distinguished Scouter

James F. Burshears
La Junta, Colorado
Imaginative Scouter

M. Scott Carpenter
Houston, Texas
Aquanaut; Astronaut; Friend of Scouting

Vincent T. Lombardi
Washington, D.C.
Professional Football General Manager; Friend of Youth

John W. H. Miner
Quebec, Canada
Manufacturer; Community Leader; World Scouter

James E. Patrick
Phoenix, Arizona
Banker; Community Leader; Devoted Scouter

Robert W. Reneker
Chicago, Illinois
Executive; Humanitarian; Devoted Scouter

John W. Starr
Kansas City, Missouri
Executive; Faithful Scouter

N. Eldon Tanner
Salt Lake City, Utah
Churchman; Executive; Veteran Scouter


John Cardinal Cody
Chicago, Illinois
Archbishop of Chicago; Recipient of the Silver Beaver; Energetic Scouter

John G. Detwiler
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Industrialist; Churchman; Recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope; National Executive Board Member

Robert T. Gray
Prospect, Ohio
Physician; Eagle Scout; Medical Officer at Many National and World Jamborees

Arthur Z. Hirsch
Santa Barbara, California
Veteran Scouter; Recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope

John F. Lott
Lubbock, Texas
Rancher; World Scouter; Recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope

William L. Schloss
Indianapolis, Indiana
Banker; Community Leader; Recipient of the Silver Beaver

James E. Webb
Washington, D.C.
Lawyer; Businessman; Diplomat; Educator; Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Paul G. Benedum
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Sterling B. Doughty
Sacramento, California
Financial and Management Consultant; World Scouter

Harold Keith Johnson
Washington, D.C.
Chief of Staff, United States Army; Educator; Scouter

Otto Kerner
Springfield, Illinois
Governor of the State of Illinois; Scouter

Clarence “Biggie” Munn
Lansing, Michigan
Athletic Director; Coach; Friend of Youth; Scouter

Crawford Rainwater
Pensacola, Florida
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Vittz-James Ramsdell
Portland, Oregon
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Howard A. Rusk
New York, New York
Physician; Educator; Innovator; Humanitarian

Dwight J. Thomson
Cincinnati, Ohio
Business Leader; Veteran Scouter; World Scouter

William C. Westmoreland
Washington, D.C.
Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam; CG, U.S. Army, Vietnam; Eagle Scout; Scouter


Richard W. Darrow
Scarsdale, New York
Publicist; Civic Leader; Eagle Scout; Scouter

John Henry Fischer
New York, New York
Educator; Civic Leader; Eagle Scout; Scouter

Charles Zachary Hardwick
Findlay, Ohio
Business Executive; Humanitarian; Scouter

Lewis Blaine Hershey
Washington, D.C.
Lieutenant General, United States Army; Director, Selective Service; Scouter

Basil O’Connor
New York, New York
Lawyer; Public Servant; Humanitarian; Friend to Youth

Philip Henry Powers
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Engineer; Educator; Pioneer Scouter


Irving Ben Cooper
New York, New York
Jurist; Humanitarian; Friend to Youth

Austin T. Cushman
Chicago, Illinois
Merchandising Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Harry J. Delaney
New York, New York
Business Leader; Churchman; Scouter

Royal Firman Jr.
Cleveland, Ohio
Business, Cultural, Community, and Church Leader; Scouter

John H. Glenn Jr.
Houston, Texas
Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Ret.); Astronaut; Scouter

Harry J. Johnson
New York, New York
Physician; Educator; Administrator; Scouter

Harry G. McGavran
Quincy, Illinois
Surgeon; Community Leader; Humanitarian; Scouter

David Sarnoff
New York, New York
Industrialist; Communications Expert; Veteran Scouter

Jo. S. Stong
Keosauqua, Iowa
Community Leader; Scouting Enthusiast

Gustavo J. Vollmer
Caracas, Venezuela
Engineer; Venezuelan and World Scouter


A. Frank Bray
Martinez, California
Jurist; Civic Leader; Friend to Youth; Scouter

Albert L. Cole
Greenwich, Connecticut
Publisher; President, Boys’ Clubs of America; Philanthropist

Lyndon B. Johnson
Johnson City, Texas
Thirty-sixth President, United States of America

Ralph W. McCreary
Indiana, Pennsylvania
Industrialist; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Robert Moses
New York, New York
Public Servant; Builder; Friend to Youth; Scouter

Ephraim Laurence Palmer
Ithaca, New York
Educator; Author; Conservationist; Veteran Scouter

Thomas F. Patton
Cleveland, Ohio
International Industrialist; Civic Leader; Scouter

Gilbert R. Pirrung
Bainbridge, Georgia
Agriculturist; Churchman; World Scouter

Howard Tellepsen
Houston, Texas
Business Leader; Churchman; Scouter


Erwin Dain Canham
Boston, Massachusetts
Editor; Author; Broadcasting Commentator; Humanitarian

L. Osmond Crosby
Picayune, Mississippi
Industrialist; Community Leader; Scouter

Herold C. Hunt
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Educator; Author; Consultant; Scouter

Walter H. Judd
Washington, D.C.
Statesman; Missionary; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

John T. Kimball
New York, New York
Utilities Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

Harold B. Lee
Salt Lake City, Utah
Business Executive; Educator; Church Official; Scouter

Douglas MacArthur
New York, New York
Corporation Chairman; General of the Army; Recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor

Jack C. Vowell
El Paso, Texas
Business Executive; Engineer; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Frederick M. Warburg
New York, New York
Banker; Philanthropist; Worker for Youth; Scouter


Bruce Cooper Clarke
Adams, New York
Commander-in-Chief, United States Army, Europe; Veteran Scouter

Zenon Clayton Raymond Hansen
Lansing, Michigan
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Eagle Scout; Scouter

Carl Hayden
Phoenix, Arizona
Member, United States Senate; Veteran Scouter

Wayne Andrew Johnston
Chicago, Illinois
Railroad Executive; Humanitarian; Longtime Scouter

Thomas J. Keane
Forest Hills, New York
Naval Officer in Two World Wars; Veteran Scouter

John Cook Parish
St. Paul, Minnesota
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Scouter

John Thurman
Gilwell Park, England
Camp Chief of Gilwell Park; Recipient of Silver Wolf and Bronze Wolf

Carl Vinson
Milledgeville, Georgia
Member, United States House of Representatives; Friend of Scouting

Clarence E. Williams
Woodward, Oklahoma
Physician; Surgeon; Jamboree Medical Officer; Scouter


Wyeth Allen
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Educator; Community Leader; Longtime Scouter

Carl Otto Janus
Indianapolis, Indiana
Business Executive; Civic Leader; Veteran Scouter

Richard E. McArdle
Washington, D.C.
Educator; Public Servant; Conservationist; Scouter

Charles B. McCabe Jr.
New York, New York
Publisher; Broadcasting Executive; Veteran Scouter

Lauris Norstad
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SHAPE); Promulgator of Scouting

William T. Spanton
Washington, D.C.
Cofounder, Future Farmers of America; Scouter

Delbert Leon Stapley
Phoenix, Arizona
Business Executive; Church Leader; Veteran Scouter

Charles M. White
Cleveland, Ohio
Industrialist; Civic Leader; Youth Worker; Scouter

Robert E. Wood
Chicago, Illinois
Retired Army General; Business Executive; Philanthropist; Veteran Scouter


Joe C. Carrington
Austin, Texas
Insurance Executive; Rancher; Churchman; Youth Worker; Scouter

Thomas Campbell Clark
Washington, D.C.
Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter

James Thomas Griffin
Cleveland, Ohio
Business Executive; Humanitarian; Churchman; Scouter

Alfred M. Gruenther
Washington, D.C.
President, American National Red Cross; Supreme Allied Commander in Europe 1953?56; Scouter

Roy Edward Larson
New York, New York
Publishing Executive; Civic Leader; Humanitarian

Robert John Lloyd
Tacoma, Washington
Business Executive; Community Leader; Scouter

Alexander White Moffat
Beverly Farms, Massachusetts
Business Executive; Yachtsman; Author; Scouter

Clifford A. Randall
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lawyer Executive; Humanitarian; Past President, Rotary International

Norman Salit
Lawrence, New York
Rabbi; Attorney; Humanitarian; Veteran Scouter