Silver Buffalo Award Winners 1939-1930


William Chalmers Covert
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Clergyman; Scouter

Marshall Field
New York, New York
Business Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter

Elbert K. Fretwell
New York, New York
Educator; Scouter; Training Innovator

Heber J. Grant
Salt Lake City, Utah
Industrialist; Mormon Church Official

Francis C. Kelley
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Bishop of Oklahoma City and Tulsa; Scouter

John R. Mott
New York, New York
Missionary; Statesman; World Youth Leader

Norman Rockwell
Arlington, Vermont
Artist; Prime Creator of Scouting’s Image


Thomas E. Wilson
Chicago, Illinois
Promoter for Rural Youth and 4-H Clubs

William T. Hornaday
Stamford, Connecticut
Zoologist and Conservationist; Pioneer; Scouter

George A. Allen
Washington, D.C.
Presidential Representative for First National Jamboree

Frank Cody
Detroit, Michigan
Educator; Innovator With Schools and Scouting

Frank G. Hoover
Canton, Ohio
Longtime Scouter; Friend to Youth

Cornelius McGillicuddy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“Connie Mack”—Advocate of Good Sportsmanship

C. B. Smith
Washington, D.C.
Public Servant; Physician; Worker for Rural Scouting

John A. Stiles
Ottawa, Canada
Canadian Scouting Official; Recipient of Silver Wolf


Frederick Russell Burnham
Three Rivers, California
American-British Adventurer

Hugh S. Cumming
Washington, D.C.
United States Surgeon General

Lawrence Locke Doggett
Springfield, Massachusetts
Educator; Pioneer for Training for Boys’ Work

Charles Horace Mayo
Rochester, Minnesota
Surgeon; Health Authority; Pioneer Scouter

George Edgar Vincent
Greenwich, Connecticut
Educator; Adviser to Scouting for Health and Safety

John Skinner Wilson
Gilwell Park, England
Gilwell Camp Chief; World Scouter


Booth Tarkington
Indianapolis, Indiana
Pulitzer Prize Author; Immortalizer of Youth

Amos Alonzo Stagg
Stockton, California
Educator; Dean of American Coaches

Daniel A. Tobin
New York, New York
Banker; Scouter; Cofounder, Columbian Squires

Fielding Harris Yost
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Scout Commissioner; Exponent of Clean Sports

Calvin Derrick
Jamesburg, New Jersey
Educator; Penologist; Innovator

R. Tait McKenzie
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Educator; Sculptor of Boy Scout Statue


Newton D. Baker
Cleveland, Ohio
Statesman; Humanitarian

Paul Percy Harris
Chicago, Illinois
Lawyer; Founder of Rotary Club Movement

John M. Phillips
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Conservationist; Recipient of Silver Wolf

Theodore Roosevelt Jr.
Oyster Bay, New York
Public Servant; Explorer

Charles E. Cotting
Boston, Massachusetts
Philanthropist; Promoter of New England Scouting

Frederic Kernochan
New York, New York
Jurist; Pioneer Scouter; Urban League Executive

George Albert Smith
Salt Lake City, Utah
Business Executive; Religious Leader; Scouter


Vincent Massey
Toronto, Canada
Canadian Diplomat; Philanthropist

Martin H. Carmody
New York, New York
Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus

John P. Wallace
Des Moines, Iowa
Publisher; Advocate of Rural Scouting

Cyrus Adler
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Educator; Chairman, Jewish Committee on Scouting

Reginald H. Parsons
Seattle, Washington
Developer of Scouting in Pacific Northwest

John A. McGregor
San Francisco, California
Region 11 Scouter; Friend to Youth


Dwight Filley Davis
St. Louis, Missouri
Public Servant; Advocate of Athletics

William Edwin Hall
Greenwich, Connecticut
Lawyer; President, Boys’ Clubs of America

Alfred W. Dater
Stamford, Connecticut
Utilities Executive; First Chairman, Sea Scout Committee

Barron Collier
New York, New York
Philanthropist; Promoter of Scouting

Frank A. Bean
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Business Executive; Advocate of Rural Scouting

Hermann W. Merkel
New York, New York
Creative Administrator of Parks and Camps


Lord Hampton, DSO
London, England
Distinguished British Scouter

Griffith Ogden Ellis
Detroit, Michigan
Editor and Publisher, American Boy Magazine

Lewis Gawtry
New York, New York
Banker; Philanthropist

George Welch Olmsted
Warren, Pennsylvania
Utilities Executive; World Scouter

Victor F. Ridder
New York, New York
Newspaper Publisher; Catholic Scouter

Robert P. Sniffen
Yonkers, New York
Merchandising Consultant; Chairman, Committee on Supply Service

Mell R. Wilkinson
Atlanta, Georgia
Manufacturer; National Executive Board Member


Herbert Clark Hoover
West Branch, Iowa
Thirty-first President, United States of America

James Earl Russell
New York, New York
Educator; Scouter

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Hyde Park, New York
Governor, State of New York; Advocate of Scouting

James Austin Wilder
New York, New York
Developed and Organized the Sea Scouts Program

Charles L. Sommers
St. Paul, Minnesota
Business Executive; Chairman, Region 10

Charles C. Moore
San Francisco, California
Engineer; Scouter

Lewis Warrington Baldwin
St. Louis, Missouri
Railroad President; Regional Chairman