Diversity & Inclusion

The BSA’s Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The Boy Scouts of America promotes a culture where each youth, volunteer, and employee feels a sense of belonging and builds communities where every person feels respected and valued.
Leading by example and encouraging each other to live by the values expressed by the Scout Oath and Scout Law, we welcome families of all backgrounds to help prepare young people to serve as successful members and leaders of our nation’s increasingly diverse communities.

Workforce Groups

The BSA workforce resource groups create an environment where our employees can seek support, mentorship, networking, and more importantly, opportunities to educate, generate awareness, and foster a culture where everyone has a sense of belonging and feels welcomed.

The mission of VIEW is to promote an inclusive community for BSA’s LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. The group will strive to support diversity across the organization.  It will work to recruit and retain LGBTQ+ employees, and will support their career growth through networking and educational opportunities. VIEW aims to be a trusted resource for LGBTQ+ employees throughout their Scouting journey.

VIEW – Visible, Included, Empowered and Welcomed.  

RISE is the BSA women’s workforce resource group with the mission to recognize, inspire, support, and empower the women of Scouting through professional development, fellowship, service, and inclusion.

Established in April 2017, RISE has more than 500 members, including both men and women, and has hosted several webinars, service projects, a podcast, and initiatives geared toward providing enrichment, support, and creating a sense of fellowship.


LISTOS is our workforce resource group for Latino professionals. The group heavily emphasizes the development of latinx professionals within the BSA, providing them with mentorship to excel in their career paths.


APACk is our Asian Pacific workforce resource group with a focus on developing professionals through learning and networking opportunities, as well as celebrating cultures by acknowledging holidays and building cultural competency.


The Village is a BSA workforce resource group with a mission to provide a welcoming environment where Black employees and their supporters can learn, grow and communicate effectively about their professional experiences.

Development Initiaves

Every year we identify and select high performing, diverse candidates to attend the Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Conference. The conference is organized parallel to our annual professional conference, Top Hands, and is offers avenues to connect with leadership across the organization, interact and network with peers from cross-sectional departments, learn key skills and concepts to excel in their career paths, create individual development plans (IDPs), and explore professional opportunities within the organization.

In addition, webinars, discussions, book reviews, etc., are organized for these participants on a quarterly basis to offer support and continuous development.


The Office of Diversity & Inclusion participated, both as sponsors and thought leaders, at the 2018 National Diversity Conference. Erin Eisner and Dinaz Jiwani served as panelists and moderators on important topics such as developing leadership presence, current state of employment discrimination law, and changing demographics of the US.

Additionally, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion has worked to strengthen efforts by establishing partnerships with other community-leading organizations, including the National Urban League and 100 Black Men of America.
Giving back to the community is one of the fundamental pillars of Scouting, and therefore, we must take every opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact through service. Past community projects include holding donation drives as well as hosting different service projects to benefit community partners such as The Hope Supply Company, Scottish Rite Hospital, and more.


2018 Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report

Provides key updates as it relates to our Scouting constituencies. Learn about our accomplishments in the Diversity & Inclusion space and vision for the near future.

2019 - 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

In the effort to strategize our future Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives, we have outlined a detailed plan that describes our goals and tactics to drive momentum as we continue to welcome all Scouters to engage, contribute and be a part of a great Movement.


Elizabeth Ramirez-Washka Selected as new Vice President Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer.  READ MORE

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