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Advancement and Awards

2018 Second Class Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 First Class Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks Alternative Requirements 2019 | 2018 Star Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 Life Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 Eagle Rank Requirements 2019 | 2018 Eagle Scout Rank Alternative Requirements 2019 | 2018 Eagle Palms 2019 |[…]


to work on their current den’s advancement through July 31, 2020.  This is to provide any additional time a Cub Scout needs to complete their badge of rank; if they earn their badge of rank prior to July 31, 2020, they may advance to the next rank. Q: Can the Arrow of Light (fifth-grade dens)[…]