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Contents Venturing Consultants as Merit Badge Counselors Counselor Approvals and Limitations Registration and Reregistration Training for Counselors Merit Badge Counselor Lists Getting Started Web-Based Counselor Lists Unit Counselor Lists The Process of Counseling Counseling Sessions and Certifying Completion Group Instruction Partial Completions Merit[…]

Advancement and Awards

Requirements Tenderfoot Rank Requirements | 2020 Second Class Rank Requirements | 2020 First Class Rank Requirements | 2020 Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class Ranks Alternative Requirements | 2020 Star Rank Requirements | 2020 Life Rank Requirements | 2020 Eagle Rank Requirements | 2020 Eagle Scout Rank Alternative Requirements | 2020 Eagle Palms | 2020 Scouts BSA[…]

Scouts BSA Program Updates

are free to adapt their meeting plans to support their individual program needs. Download the guide here. COVID-19 FAQ Advancement Updated September 29, 2020 Updated information on rank advancement, merit badge requirements, and time extension request due to COVID-19 can be found on the COVID-19 FAQ. Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts - Important Update Updated September[…]

Mechanics of Advancement in Venturing

essential part of relationships; that learning to trust is the challenge; and that learning to understand one another— especially those from different backgrounds and nationalities—represents a good start. The five core requirements are Tending Your Faith, Respecting the Beliefs of Others, Understanding Other Cultures, Serving Your Community, and Transforming Our Society. There are also 11[…]