Webelos Handbook

The Webelos Scout program, for boys who are in the fourth or fifth grade, is filled with activities and outdoor fun. Everything in the Webelos Scout program is more challenging than the things the younger boys in the pack do. Webelos Scouts are still in Cub Scouting. They take part in Cub Scout pack meetings, events, and outings. But the Webelos den also makes its own plans and enjoys many activities that the younger Cub Scouts don't get to do.

The Webelos Handbook includes the adventures boys must complete to earn the Webelos and Arrow of Light badges. Webelos Scouts will complete five required adventures, and they will choose two of the 18 shared elective adventures in the handbook. Scouts working toward the Arrow of Light rank will complete four required adventures and three elective adventures.

Webelos Scouts have the chance to help learn about first aid, build fires and cook their own meals, develop physical fitness skills, and take on leadership roles for a hike. As they work on the Arrow of Light rank, Scouts can learn about citizenship, connect with Scouts around the world, go on a campout they helped plan, and try geocaching. Elective adventures can include anything from making movies to working with tools to trying a new sport or using a telescope to study the night sky. Most important, Webelos Scouts develop skills and share experiences that prepare them for their next exciting adventure—Boy Scouting!

Webelos Scouts will have help along the way from Ethan, a character who has journeyed through the Cub Scout ranks, too, and is now a Boy Scout. Ethan will join Webelos Scouts on their adventures and help them get ready to become Boy Scouts themselves.

Visit CubScouts.org for additional information about Webelos program resources. 

The Webelos Handbook also tells about rank advancement and special awards that Webelos Scouts can earn.

The Cub Scout Webelos Handbook (item number 33452) is available at your local council service center or wherever Scouting merchandise is sold. Visit www.scoutstuff.org to find a list of Scouting retailers near you.