Advancement Educational Presentations
Advancement presentations with voice-over or presenter notes that may be viewed personally or put to use at district committee meetings, roundtables, council and area conferences, or other forums as determined locally. Each presentation comes with an expiration date, after which replacement sessions will be posted here. So that we may consider it for the next revisions, please offer your feedback on these new productions to

These resources may be helpful to individuals who are interested in serving as a merit badge counselor. These items are available through your local council service center or on the Web at

A Guide for Merit Badge Counseling, No. 34532

This tri-fold flier gives a well-rounded explanation about the merit badge program and spells out the counselor's responsibilities.

Merit Badge Counselor Orientation, No. 34542

Merit badge counselors in training can use this two-page resource as a quick reference.

Boy Scout Requirements (current year), No. 33216

This is the book for complete, official requirements for each merit badge, rank advancement, and special awards and recognitions. This booklet is revised every year and takes precedence over any other resource regarding rank and merit badge requirements.

Scoutmaster Handbook, No. 33009C

This resource serves as the Scoutmaster's primary guide and contains a helpful section about advancement, including the merit badge program. (See the "Advancement" chapter.)

Boy Scout Handbook, No. 34554

This is the Boy Scout's most vital source of information and encompasses all facets of Scouting, including a chapter on merit badges.

Application for Merit Badge, No. 34124A
Better known as the "blue card," this blue wallet-sized card shows that the Scout has permission to start working on a particular merit badge, records his progress, and, when completed, provides a separate record for the Scout, the counselor, and the unit.

Merit Badge Counselor Information, No. 34405

Local councils use the information from this form to identify merit badge counselors, the merit badges they are willing to coach, and other pertinent information. This form also includes the merit badge counselor's agreement to follow the merit badge requirements, and other BSA policies. This form, available online in PDF format (click here), should be submitted to the BSA local council along with the Adult Application.

Guide to Advancement, No. 33088

This manual for volunteers and professionals who administer the advancement program at all levels is the authoritative source for advancement policies and procedures and best practices for all BSA traditional programs.

Adult Application (to Be a Scouting Volunteer), No. 28-501C

To serve as a merit badge counselor, an individual must complete and return this adult registration form. The Adult Application is valid for one year only and must be renewed annually. To register as a merit badge counselor, mark the box labeled "Council/district position" in the upper right-hand block with "merit badge counselor." Fill in the "Position Code" with code "42," and fill in the "Position (Description)" with "merit badge counselor." This application also is available in Spanish (No. 28-502Q).

Supplemental Training: Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide
This module, which may be reveiwed online or used to conduct a training event, is designed to guide new and potential merit badge counselors through their responsibilities in the role and will give them an understanding of the methods of counseling Scouts. It is intended as a short orientation course for new merit badge counselors before they begin working with Scouts.