The Recreational UAS Safety Test

Boy Scouts of America© is an FAA-approved Test Administrator of The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST).

TRUST is a collaboration between the FAA and industry to provide TRUST and educational safety material to Recreational Flyers.

Recreational flyers can access the TRUST here

Testing Instructions:

  • Be sure you are not in an incognito browser
  • You must stay within the Exam window throughout your exam
  • You must answer all Exam questions. You can not skip exam questions
  • Once you have completed the test, remember to print or save a digital copy of your completion certificate
  • When printing the certificate, it should be wallet size
  • When emailing the certificate, ensure you are sending it to a valid email address
  • Please access the test through the button below.

Upon Completion of the test recreational flyers should print or save a digital copy of their completion certificate and keep it on their person when they fly. Boy Scouts of America© cannot re-issue your completion certificate if it is lost. The FAA cannot re-issue your completion certificate. Should you lose your completion certificate, you will need to re-take TRUST and obtain a new certificate.

Additional resources:

  • Register your drone through the FAA Drone Zone before you fly if it weighs more than .55lbs 
  • FAA-Approved UAS Service Suppliers (FAA USSs) of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC).
    • LAANC USSs provides FAA approved airspace authorizations and information about airspace restrictions to recreations flyers who wish to fly in controlled airspace 
    • Approved service suppliers have created apps that can be downloaded via apple or google play. Links to the companies are available here.
  • B4UFLY provides information about airspace and does not offer airspace authorizations 
  • Information about how to get started as a recreational flyer.