Be The Change

February 21, 2021
8 pm ET / 7 pm CT / 6 pm MT / 5 pm PT

Join us for a celebration of service, leadership and the groundbreaking accomplishments of the first female Eagle Scouts.

Eagle Scouts have been leading positive change in their communities for more than a century. That tradition continues with the historic inaugural class of Female Eagle Scouts. Help celebrate the leadership accomplishments of the inaugural class as we highlight the positive impact Scouts make in communities every day.

Join us for a special celebration of the inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts on Sunday, February 21, 2021! Check out what’s in store for this live virtual event:

Leadership profiles from the Inaugural Class:

Meet the Eagle Scouts!

A preview of the 2021 Summer of Service:

As a community, we can ALL make a difference.

Messages from VIPs across the nation:

 You won’t want to miss these shout-outs.

A very special Scouting rededication:

Scouting has always been important, and we are so excited for the future!

This event is made possible through the generosity of the Mary and Ralph Haas Family Trusts.



The National Eagle Scout Association was designed to connect you to your fellow Eagle Scouts across the nation. It is the place where you can share and keep up with all the latest Eagle Scout news, stories, and life events of your community!

IN 1912

The first Eagle Scout

class included 23 Scouts

IN 1982

The 1 millionth Scout earned

the Eagle Scout award.

SINCE 2006

More than 50,000 Scouts

achieve the rank every year.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts

Aaraya V
Abbigail D
Abby T
Abigail K
Abigail S
Abigail S
Abigail S
Abigail S
Abigail M
Abigail B
Abigail W
Abigail C
Adan M
Addison J
Adelaide L
Adelaine F
Adele K
Adeline S
Adhelle K
Adrianna A
Adrien P
Aida H
Aila C
Ainsley M
Alabama S
Aleashea R
Alexa N
Alexa H
Alexandra S
Alexandra H
Alexandra M
Alexandra S
Alexandra J
Alexandra R
Alexandra K
Alexandra N
Alexandria W
Alexandria G
Alexia K
Alexia T
Alexis D
Alexis R
Alexis K
Alexis C
Alexis S
Alienor A
Alina R
Allison S
Allison A
Allison M
Allison S
Allison H
Allison O
Ally M
Allysa Mae W
Alyse S
Alyssa O
Alyssa R
Alyssa S
Alyssa R
Alyssa T
Alyssa D
Amanda D
Amanda B
Amanda B
Amber R
Ambria W
Amelia C
Amelia G
Amelia L
Amritha J
Amy M
Amy A
Amyann E
Ana C
Andrea B
Angel G
Angelina H
Angelina K
Angelina S
Ani H
Ania C
Aniston F
Anna P
Anna J
Anna L
Anna M
Anna-Christina L
Annalise J
Annalyn C
Annamaria P
Annastasia W
Anne S
Anneke T
Annemarie G
Anniston M
Anya K
Anya L
April B
Ari L
Ari G
Arianna M
Ashley S
Ashley T
Ashley S
Ashley W
Ashley C
Ashley S
Ashlyn S
Ashlyn C
Ashlyn O
Ashlynn V
Ashtyn W
Aubree K
Audrey A
Audrey K
Aurelie G
Aurora T
Autumn E
Autumn S
Ava V
Ava C
Ava P
Ava L
Aven A
Avery M
Aydnn K
Ayisi N
Bailey R
Bailey P
Bailey V
Beatrix B
Beatrix J
Becka S
Bella K
Betsy C
Breanna T
Brenna H
Brevard E
Brianna H
Brianna C
Brianna P
Bridget K
Bridget L
Bridget B
Brooke T
Bryanna H
Bryanna M
Caitlyn T
Caitlyn L
Caitlyn C
Caleigh R
Callie M
Cambron W
Cameron C
Camille J
Campbell T
Camryn H
Carey N
Caris D
Carissa S
Carissa C
Carley S
Carly S
Carolina H
Carolina F
Caroline W
Caroline V
Caroline S
Caroline V
Caroline R
Caroline R
Caroline B
Carolyn M
Carolyn S
Carrie B
Casey D
Casey S
Cassandra P
Cassandra C
Cassidy F
Cassidy C
Caterina S
Catharine C
Catherine W
Catherine A
Catherine H
Catherine S
Catherine H
Catherine T
Catherine N
Catrina S
Celeste B
Ceridwen B
Charis A
Charlotte B
Chloe S
Chloe S
Chloe K
Chloe C
Chloe D
Chloe G
Chloe B
Christina A
Christine M
Claire J
Claire S
Claire J
Claire M
Claire P
Clara K
Clara M
Clarice H
Claudia M
Colleen M
Colleen F
Colleen K
Constance L
Cora K
Corinne N
Corren W
Courtney L
Courtney W
Courtney S
Crystal T
Cydney Y
Cynthia S
Cyprus J
Dalylah R
Dana M
Danica R
Danielle S
Danielle M
Daphnie S
Darcy K
Dasha C
Dayna R
Deon B
Diana A
Dianna L
Dianna M
Donae F
Dyuthi V
Eden T
Elaina T
Elaine S
Elana B
Eleanor S
Elena M
Elena T
Eleni P
Eliana S
Elisabeth B
Elisabeth K
Elisabeth B
Elise K
Elitza G
Elizabeth F
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth S
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth Y
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth D
Elizabeth G
Elizabeth G
Elizabeth W
Ella K
Ella W
Ella S
Ella H
Ella J
Elle T
Elle D
Ellie L
Ellora H
Emelia D
Emerson D
Emilie J
Emily M
Emily W
Emily S
Emily C
Emily L
Emily S
Emily T
Emily C
Emily B
Emily C
Emily T
Emily S
Emily A
Emily M
Emily H
Emily P
Emily R
Emily T
Emily K
Emma B
Emma P
Emma F
Emma B
Emma T
Emma H
Emma L
Emma D
Emma L
Emma R
Emma H
Emma P
Emma C
Emma W
Emma R
Emma O
Emma G
Emma D
Emmie V
Erin O
Erin Z
Erin E
Erin D
Erin M
Erin H
Erin W
Erin H
Erin C
Erynn L
Essence V
Estella P
Eva I
Evangelina W
Eve W
Evelyn B
Evelyn B
Evelyn B
Evelyn L
Evelyn M
Evelyn H
Ever W
Evia R
Faralyn S
Finley S
Fiona Q
Frances K
Frances H
Gabriela R
Gabriella M
Gabriella K
Gabrielle R
Gabrielle F
Gabrielle T
Gabrielle S
Georgia D
Georgianna M
Gloria I
Grace N
Grace M
Grace W
Grace O
Grace O
Grace B
Grace H
Grace G
Grace W
Grace F
Gretchen S
Gwendolyn G
Hailey A
Hailey C
Haleigh C
Halen D
Haley F
Haley S
Hanah H
Haneen S
Hannah M
Hannah K
Hannah M
Hannah B
Hannah F
Hannah O
Hannah L
Hannah Y
Hannah L
Hannah H
Hannah T
Hannah B
Hannah C
Hayden C
Heather D
Heidi V
Heidi K
Heidi L
Helen W
Hope E
Hope E
Hope B
Humairaa Z
Iliana H
Iona M
Isabel B
Isabella T
Isabella L
Isabella H
Isabella S
Isabella T
Isabella G
Isabella R
Isabella S
Isabella B
Isabelle H
Isabelle S
Isabelle W
Isabelle S
Isabelle W
Isabelle G
Isabelle C
Isha P
Ishita S
Ivanis D
Jacqueline A
Jacqueline B
Jacqueline H
Jacquelyn C
Jade C
Jadyn S
Jaedyn B
Jaisyn D
Jamie M
Janessa D
Jaquelyn M
Jasmine F
Jasmine L
Jasmine S
Jena Z
Jeneva C
Jenna W
Jenna O
Jenna M
Jennae L
Jennette F
Jennifer W
Jennifer A
Jennifer C
Jennifer K
Jennifer H
Jessica W
Jessica V
Jessica S
Jessica H
Jessica O
Jessica P
Jessica W
Jessica M
Jettie C
Jillian N
Jillian T
Jordan K
Jordan B
Jordan B
Jordan S
Jordan L
Jordan Anna M
Josephine A
Joslin U
Journey K
Julia G
Julia K
Julia S
Juliana H
Juliana C
Juliana M
Julianna L
Julianne J
Julie S
Julie R
Juliette C
Justine C
Kaekoa C
Kaia M
Kailey S
Kaitlin R
Kaitlin N
Kaitlin O
Kaitlyn W
Kaitlyn H
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn R
Kaitlyn C
Kaitlynn M
Kaitlynn R
Kara F
Kara K
Karen B
Karla C
Karolyn H
Kasandra W
Kate H
Katelin H
Katelyn R
Katelyn M
Katelyn C
Katelyn B
Katelyn C
Katelyn G
Katherine M
Katherine F
Katherine T
Katherine A
Katherine S
Katherine M
Katherine B
Katherine H
Katherine B
Katherine B
Katherine R
Kathleen S
Kathryn S
Kathryn P
Kathryn E
Kathryn S
Kathryn B
Kathryn P
Kathryn S
Kathryn T
Kathryn B
Katie H
Katie C
Katie C
Katie O
Katja S
Katrinalou C
Katrine C
Kavita T
Kaya H
Kayden S
Kayla I
Kaylee K
Kaylee K
Kaylee C
Keira B
Keira L
Kellianna M
Kelly M
Kelsey P
Kendall J
Kendall S
Kendalyn B
Kiana N
Kiersten L
Kiersten W
Kikuyo S
Kristen B
Kristen D
Kristina F
Kristina W
Kristina K
Krystine H
Kylee A
Kylee D
Kylie S
Kyra G
Kyra C
Kyra L
Kyra A
Larissa F
Larissa O
Laura O
Laura D
Laura S
Laura M
Laura Q
Laura A
Lauren V
Lauren R
Lauren P
Lauren D
Lauren D
Lauren K
Lauren N
Lauren M
Lauren R
Lauren S
Lauren K
Lauren L
Lea F
Leah W
Leah M
Leah C
Lena T
Leslie N
Liesl C
Lila W
Lilah S
Liliana B
Lillian P
Lillian S
Lillian K
Lily D
Lily M
Linda M
Lindsay P
Lindsay P
Lindsey S
Lindsey K
Lisa M
Lisa V
Lizabeth K
Love W
Lucia B
Lucia H
Lucy V
Lyndsey N
MacEy H
Mackenzie S
MacKenzie N
Mackenzie W
Maddeline B
Maddison F
Madeleine D
Madeline M
Madeline P
Madeline P
Madeline M
Madeline J
Madelyn R
Madelyn R
Madelyn S
Madelynn B
Madison S
Madison D
Madison N
Madison W
Madison F
Madison K
Madison S
Madison C
Madison B
Madison M
Madison J
Madison C
Maegan B
Makayla B
Makayla L
Makaylla T
Makela H
Makenna S
Mara S
Mara S
Marcella H
Maren J
Margaret H
Margaret B
Margaret H
Margaret S
Margaret M
Margot N
Maria G
Maria B
Maria D
Maria O
Mariam T
Marie G
Marina M
Martha F
Martha S
Mary G
Maura L
Maura H
Maya P
Maya K
MazieAnne B
Mckenna S
McKenna W
McKenzie P
Megan H
Megan H
Megan H
Megan S
Megan B
Megan S
Megan G
Megan W
Megan F
Megan B
Megan G
Megan R
Megan S
Meghan D
Meghan S
Melina R
Melissa M
Mellisa L
Melody M
Melody F
Mia M
Michaela S
Michelle B
Mikayla D
Milena R
Minavet G
Mirabella C
Miracle D
Miranda Z
Miriam W
Mirka L
Molly J
Molly M
Monica N
Morgan L
Morgan N
Morgan L
Morgan B
Morgan P
Morgan D
Morgan H
Morghyn F
Murielle M
Mya P
Mya J
Mytreyi S
Nadia Z
Nancy G
Naomi U
Natalia L
Natalie B
Natalie Y
Nicole K
Nina B
Nissa B
Noelle M
Noelle D
Noor H
Nora D
Noreen R
Olivia M
Olivia E
Olivia P
Olivia S
Olivia C
Olivia P
Olivia F
Olivia T
Olivia G
Olivia M
Olivia T
Paige B
Paige C
Paige R
Paige C
Pamela B
Patricia K
Payton R
Payton D
Persephone A
Peyton W
Philippa S
Piper D
Piper C
Priyasha L
Rachel L
Rachel L
Rachel R
Rachel S
Rachel P
Rachel F
Raegen S
Rasma R
Raven R
Reagan W
Reagan A
Reagan B
Reagan S
Reagan M
Rebecca M
Rebecca B
Rebecca M
Rebecca W
Rebecca R
Rebecca B
Rebecca D
Rebecca M
Reese P
Regina C
Renee B
Renee W
Riley D
Riley L
Riley W
Riya T
Rosella G
Roselynn B
Rosemary Y
Ryanne F
Sabrina A
Sachi W
Sadie C
Sally V
Samantha K
Samantha S
Samantha M
Samantha R
Samantha S
Samantha P
Samantha H
Samantha D
Samantha H
Sanjana K
Sara S
Sara V
Sara W
Sarah R
Sarah Z
Sarah H
Sarah R
Sarah B
Sarah G
Sarah H
Sarah M
Sarah L
Sarah P
Sarah L
Sarah R
Sarah C
Sarah M
Sarah M
Sarah T
Sarai C
Saranya P
Sarina H
Sasha R
Savanna M
Savannah S
Savannah R
Savannah L
Savannah H
Savhanna P
Scarlett H
Selby C
Serena A
Shaylyn P
Shian T
Shreeya P
Shriya M
Siam S
Sianna E
Sienna H
Sierra G
Sierra R
Sierra D
Sierra M
Skylar H
Skyler S
Sofia U
Sofia W
Sofia L
Sofia P
Sonia W
Sophia C
Sophia K
Sophia B
Sophia D
Sophia T
Sophie F
Sophie D
Sophie S
Stefanie I
Stella P
Stella L
Stephanie M
Stephanie C
Stephanie C
Summer L
Susan S
Suzanna S
Sydney A
Sydney I
Sydney W
Sydney V
Sydney H
Sydney W
Sydnie P
Taleah B
Tara P
Tara O
Tara I
Taryn L
Tasha B
Tayler T
Taylor B
Taylor M
Tegan B
Teresa D
Teresa J
Tertia H
Tessa R
Tianna K
Tiara T
Tiffany G
Tiffany S
Tiffany H
Torrance J
Trinity B
Trinity S
Tymber M
Valerie J
Valerie d
Valia C
Vanessa C
Vanessa C
Veronica R
Victoria C
Victoria B
Victoria S
Victoria A
Victoria D
Victoria R
Victoria S
Virginia H
Virginia C
Virginia M
Virginia S
Yasmin F
Ysa D
Zayna R
Zephia-Emma B
Zoe W
Zoe R
Zoe M
Zoe R