Why People Say “Scouting is for Families Like Mine”

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The Opportunity is Bigger than you Think

It’s likely by now you’ve seen a few videos floating around on the Cub Scouts’ Facebook page that usually have a Scout Mom or a Den Leader talking about how Scouting is an essential element to their family life. What we love about these videos is that they are absolutely true. The Scouting experience, as we’ve seen time and again, is not only something fun for boys to do, but it’s a way to have a family experience together that you can’t get anywhere else.

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Scouting is for families, for all kinds of families. And as a program full of bright-eyed youth and inspiring volunteers, Scouting has never been better.

Joining Cub Scouts is Easy

Whether you are new to Cub Scouts, or considering joining, take a look at these videos and listen to the heartfelt experiences from those who have seen first hand the value of Scouting in their lives. Their stories are powerful, and their excitement for America’s best program for youth and families is palpable. Then visit the all new BeAScout.org to learn where you can sign up for Scouting in your neck of the woods.

Meet Becky.
A single mom who was looking for a positive experience for her son, and not only found that, but discovered a support group she could lean on as she works two jobs to provide for her family.

Meet Michelle.
A busy Scout Mom fully entrenched in a Scouting Family because as she says “Scouting truly does make the most of the time we have with our child,” and not only that, but it provides an opportunity to “be involved in something that makes a difference.”

Meet Catherine.
Her son probably calls her mom, but the rest of the Scouts in her Den call her Ms. Cat. For Catherine, Scouting offers a values system to teach her boys how to become good citizens and to participate in something bigger than themselves.

Truly, Scouting is for everyone and these videos really highlight that whatever a family’s situation, and wherever they are, Cub Scouts can be a program that is accessible and valuable to them. If you’ve experienced that, then share your story, share these videos, invite someone to join with you in the thrill and rewarding service you find in Cub Scouts. In other words, share a piece of yourself…and #ShareScouting.

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So join the Scouting family, come and build an adventure with us! It all starts here.