Fall 2015

The Training Times

Fall 2015
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E-Learning Training Available on My.Scouting Tools!

My.Scouting.org is transitioning to become the one place volunteers can go for volunteer resources. Recently, several program links, including Internet Advancement, National Safety Council Defensive Driving Course, and Service Hours Reporting, were removed from my.Scouting.org’s column list and made available in my.Scouting.org in the Legacy Web Tools tab under the Home menu list.

Now, e-Learning training courses can be taken online at my.Scouting.org. Volunteers and employees can complete any of the courses found in their My Dashboard under the Home menu list. When My Dashboard is selected, it displays the My Training page with four new tabs to select:

  • YPT—Displays the Youth Protection training courses available. To make it easier for new volunteers, the system defaults to the YPT tab.
  • Training Center—Displays the Scouting programs (Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing and Varsity, and Other) containing training courses applicable to the specific program. Those under “Other” contain courses related to Health and Safety and district-level training.
  • Requirements—Displays training courses that are required to be completed to become position-trained for current registered position(s). Courses that are not offered online will show “Classroom Training.” Please consult your council’s website for scheduled classroom trainings.
  • Completions—Displays training courses that were completed. It also allows the ability to print a certificate for a completed course.

We know the two site addresses look very similar and can be confusing, but eventually my.Scouting.org will become the one place to go for all your needs. More changes are coming, so check back often.

Course Director’s Conferences

Course director’s conferences for the course directors of Wood Badge and National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) courses are being finalized in locations across the BSA. In some areas the conferences have been expanded to include other trainings. Take a look at the information on the registration page for these area training conferences.

Registration links for these conferences can be found on www.scouting.org/training/adult under “Course Director and Area Training Conferences” as soon as the details for each conference are complete.

A course director’s conference is required for Wood Badge course directors, but they are also a great opportunity to learn from other Scouters. Additionally, this is where the 2015-16 updates to the Wood Badge and NYLT syllabi will be distributed and reviewed.


Are you on Facebook? If so, have you found the BSA training page? We have about 7,700 “likes,” and the number is growing every day. Encourage your Facebook friends to join us. You can find the page at www.facebook.com/BSAtrainingteam.

2016 Florida Sea Base Winter Training Conferences

It is not too early to start planning to attend the 2016 Winter Scouting U Conferences at the Florida Sea Base!

Imagine a week in the Florida Keys learning with experienced and informed Scouters with ample time to enjoy the climate and beauty of the Keys!!

January 10th-16th

  • The Council/District Training Chair: Training YOU to Do YOUR Job
  • Mechanics of Advancement
  • Venturing: Lead the Adventure

January 17th-23rd

  • The Commissioner Service Mission
  • Youth Protection Champions
  • Elevate….to a High-Performing Cub Scout Pack!
  • STEM-An Exciting Program Enhancement for Traditional Packs, Troops, and Crews

Conference fees include: Housing, Meals, Snacks, Bedding & Towels, Meeting Facilities and Course Materials, and a Sunset Cruise (weather permitting).

Registration is open at www.scouting.org/training in the “Quicklinks” section (2016 Florida Sea Base Conferences.)

Registration fees: $495 per conference participant and $300 per non-conference-attending spouse.

Planned spouse opportunities include a Sunset Cruise, Stand-Up Paddle Board, Kayaking, Dolphin Research Center, Snorkeling, Gallery Tours, Everglades, and The Turtle Hospital.

Don’t miss the boat!

Training Times Archives

You can take a look at older versions of the Training Times by clicking on the word “Archives” on the “Training Updates” page or on the link on the main training page of Scouting.org.

Tenure for Training Awards

Unless it specifically states in the requirements that tenure cannot be used for multiple training awards, it can be used.

In the past we said “one Scouter, one position” and did not want to reward those who wore multiple hats. We are more realistic now. If a Scouter accomplished all of the training and performance tasks during the same tenure, they have likely made Scouting better for more youth and deserve recognition.

Philmont Training Center

We want to invite you to participate in one of the conferences that we will be offering at the Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico, in the summer and fall of 2016.

We also hope you will encourage other trainers in your area to attend and hope you will share this information with them. Your trainers play a very important role in the success of Scouting in the lives of youth, and we want them to be a part of the discussion.

At these conferences you will have the opportunity to meet and share ideas with Scouters and trainers from across America. The conference faculty, selected by our regions and national committees, consists of some of the most talented and skilled men and women in Scouting.

While participants are involved in a conference, their spouses and their family members will be able to enjoy a range of activities led by the PTC staff. There will also be plenty of time and activities for you to enjoy with them.

Philmont’s unique blend of Scouting, history, family activities, and the magic of the northern New Mexico mountains will make the conferences a memorable family experience.

2016 Training Conferences at PTC:

June 5-11—The Council/District Training Committee
July 10-16—T-Cubed-Train the Trainer
July 17-23—Training Effective Unit Leaders
July 24-30 —Building Successful Youth-Led Units:
Training You to Train Your Youth and Adult Leaders
July 31-Aug. 6—Training Effective Unit Leaders
August 7-13—The Council/District Training Committee
August 14-20—Building Successful Packs:
Training Unit Leaders to Build and Sustain Cub Scout Packs
August 14-20—T-Cubed-Train the Trainer
Sept. 18-24—Philmont Leadership Challenge

You can find more information about these and all PTC conferences at www.philmonttrainingcenter.org. You can register for a PTC conference at www.myscouting.org on the “Event Registration” page.

We hope that you will promote these conferences and that you will accept our invitation to join us at Philmont in 2016!

Latest Versions of Leader Training Courses

Here are the latest versions of the most common instructor-led training courses manuals for unit-level leaders and where to get them. For Sea Scouts, see SeaScout.org.

(SS) – Ordered through Supply Group www.Scoutstuff.org
(TP) – Downloadable via www.Scouting.org/Training
(CDC) – Available to councils and at Course Directors’ Conferences
(BR) – By request


  • Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster Position-Specific-(TP)-2015
  • Pack Committee Position-Specific-The Pack Committee Challenge-(TP)-2015
  • Den Leader Position-Specific-(TP)-2015
  • Den Leader Position-Specific for LDS Den Leaders-(BR)-2012
  • Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader-Specific-(TP)-2014
  • Varsity Coach Positon-Specific-(TP)-2014
  • Team Committee Position-Specific-The Team Committee Challenge-(TP)-2014
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills-(TP)-2010
  • Venturing Crew Advisor-Specific-(TP)-2014
  • Crew Committee Position-Specific-The Crew Committee Challenge-(TP)-2014
  • Troop Committee Challenge DVD-610034 (SS)-2009

The Training Times is a publication of Scouting University.

Joel Eacker
Volunteer Learning Delivery Task Force Chair

Cindy Polman
Jim Reed

De Tan Nguyen
Learning Delivery Team Lead

Dr. Diane Thornton
Chief Learning Officer

Supplemental Leader Training

  • B.A.L.O.O. (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation)-(SS)-2012
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops-ILST-(TP)-2011
  • Den Chief Training-(SS)-2012
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews-ILSC-(TP)-2011
  • Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders-(TP)-2011


  • The Fundamentals of Training-(TP)-2013
  • The Trainer’s EDGE (TP)-2009
  • Kodiak Challenge-(TP)-2011
  • Powder Horn-(BR)-2013
  • Wood Badge (CDC)-2015
  • National Youth Leadership Training (CDC)-2015

My.Scouting Tools-Helpful Tips and Information

As more volunteers and employees are starting to access my.Scouting Tools, we wanted to provide you with a few helpful tips. Did you know there are two ways you can log in to My.Scouting Tools? Many are familiar with the login page at www.myscouting.org where you enter your user ID and password. But there is also a Sign In icon in the upper-right corner of the login page that when selected displays a Sign-In window you can use to log in.


And, once you’re signed in, selecting that same icon displays your account information and quick links to Release Details, FAQs, and the legacy My Scouting site. A Logout button is also provided to log you out of My.Scouting Tools.


Additionally, each tool has a Help Manual button () that shows you how to use the tool. It’s located in the lower-right corner of the frame within each tool and downloads as a PDF.

Wherever you see a symbol with three lines in a row in the tools ( ), it means there’s more information. Simply select that symbol to view additional tools or information.

Wherever you see an “i” symbol (), click it to reveal useful information that could help answer questions about certain aspects of the tool.

We encourage you to login to My.Scouting Tools and click any symbols currently displayed. You never know what you might find and learn.

Roundtable Support

Roundtables play a significant role in providing continuous supplemental training for unit leaders. This monthly event provides program topic guidance and structure suggestions for unit leaders. A fun environment will create excitement around the coming month of activities and program for unit leaders to carry back for implementation in their units.

There are many resources available to help support quality roundtables for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Varsity leaders. The program forum is also available for Venturing leaders. These resources include: Roundtable Commissioner Descriptions, Roundtable Best Practices Guide, and Roundtable Commissioner Basic Training.

Perhaps the best resource available is the Roundtable Planning Guide. This manual provides knowledge, program ideas, skills, and fun resources for leaders. Using this guide, along with local resources, will allow roundtable commissioners to enable and motivate unit leaders to deliver an outstanding program to packs and troops. The guide is designed to allow program topics to be used in the order best suited for your district.

CubCast and ScoutCast

Have you listened to the award-winning CubCast lately? How about ScoutCast? These are monthly audio podcasts featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for leaders and parents. They are designed to supplement your training and roundtable programs. You can listen to them online, download to share, and/or subscribe via RSS feed. Archives of past editions are available, too!

Check out www.scouting.org/Scoutcast. Choose CubCast or ScoutCast, and give them a listen!

NYLT Changes for 2016

We have some exciting changes coming to the NYLT program for 2016. Additional information will be released with the new 2016 syllabus at this fall’s Course Director’s Conferences. Over fifty revisions have been made to the syllabus including the following:

  • A new video by Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind person to climb Mt. Everest, has been developed to replace Lance Armstrong in the “Creating Vision” session.
  • A new “NYLT” trained strip has been approved and will be available for 2016 NYLT courses replacing the “NYLT” belt buckle. This trained strip will be for youth and will be placed below the position patch on the left sleeve.

Movie Licensing for National Training Courses

As an organization we need to be mindful of federal laws concerning presentation of videos and video clips at Wood Badge and NYLT. Be-ginning November 1 of 2016, we will be utilizing an umbrella license instead of a limited location/date license. This change will provide several positive outcomes. It will …

…eliminate the liability exposure for the local council and national Service Center concerning the presentation of movie and movie clips in connection with Wood Badge, NYLT, and other activities.

…diminish or reduce the workload of processing movie licenses for local councils and the National Service Center.

…decrease the cost of presenting the movies required to be presented at Wood Badge and NYLT for the Local Council by 50%.

All local council facilities and camps will be included under the “Umbrella License” from November 1 which will allow presentation of movies at other activities besides national training courses.

Questions and Answers concerning Movie Licensing

  1. What is a “Public Performance?” How many times have you seen the FBI warning at the beginning of a DVD or VHS movie? Next time you pop a DVD into the player, read it closely. It states that the movie is for “Home Use Only.” Home Use means just that, viewing of a movie at home by family or a close circle of friends.
  2. What does the law say? Under the Copyright Revision Act of 1976 all non-private exhibitors of registered copyrighted videos or DVDs must obtain a Public Performance License.
  3. “Willful” infringement for commercial or financial gain is a federal crime carrying a maximum sentence of up to five years in jail and/or a $250,000 fine.
  4. If I don’t charge admission, do I still need a license? Yes. Copy-right laws apply whether or not admission is charged.
  5. I own the movie. Do I still need a license to show it outside of my home? Yes. Neither the rental, purchase, or lending of a video or DVD carries with it the right to exhibit movies outside the home.
  6. What if we are a non-profit organization, church, or government agency? Do we still need a license? Yes. Copyright laws apply to all viewings of movies that take place outside of the privacy of a home, regardless of the organization holding the event.

2015 Course Director’s Conferences SCHEDULE



Available Conference Sessions










Wood Badge/NYLT

Kiwanis Scout Camp

Marine on St. Croix, MN







Wood Badge/NYLT


Bloomington, IN








Wood Badge/NYLT

Heartland Center

Parkville, MO








Wood Badge

Alpine Scout Camp

Alpine, NJ









Alpine Scout Camp

Alpine, NJ








Wood Badge/NYLT

Camp La-No-Che

Orlando, FL








Wood Badge/NYLT

Piedmont Scout Reservation

Rutherfordton, NC








Wood Badge/NYLT

Camp Wisdom

Dallas, TX









Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch

Elbert, CO








WB, NYLT, Council Training Chairs

R-C Ranch

Payson, AZ








Wood Badge

Camp Kiesel

Huntsville, UT









Camp Fife

Collinston, UT








WB, NYLT, Council Training Chairs, Outdoor Ethics Advocates

Cedar Glen, CA

Camp Pollock @ Forest Lawn Scout Ranch







Walker Creek Ranch

Petaluma, CA

WB, NYLT, Council Training Chairs, Others TBD







WB, NYLT, Council Training Chairs, Others TBD

Camp Thunder-bird

Summit Lake, WA

Scouting U Launches New BSA Learn Center

Connecting volunteers to the learning content they need when they need it is the purpose of the new BSA Learn Center. In to-day’s fast-paced world Scouting volunteers want to know how to deliver quality Scouting programs to youth but need access to training in short learning segments. Delivering a quality Scouting program makes volunteering as a leader rewarding. When the Scouting program is delivered as designed, leaders get to see the youth become more confident and resilient and begin to learn and practice leadership at all levels.

The BSA Learn Center is designed to provide new and robust methods of delivering learning to leaders. Position-specific training is now delivered in three parts called learning plans. The content for each learning plan is designed for the specific position and is recommended to be taken before the first meeting, within the first 30 days, and to complete position-specific training with-in 90 days. The training program is self-paced, allowing the volunteer to complete the training as quickly as he or she would like.

The first content offered in the new BSA Learn Center is for Cub Scouting leaders. This content supports the new program changes to Cub Scouting. To access the training, log into My.Scouting.org. Create an account if you are a new leader, and select the online training button on the home page.

Keep up-to-date on new content by selecting the “What’s New” tab in the BSA Learn Center. New content will be added regularly to support our volunteers.


Two opportunities are available to find out more about the new Learning Management System. Tune in to the discussion on Thursday, Sept. 17, at 8:00 p.m. Central Time or on Saturday, Sept. 19, at 4:00 Central Time. To connect to the training, go to http://scouting.adobeconnect.com/bsalearncenter.